The Next, Great John Carpetner Contest...Bogus?



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  • The Next, Great John Carpetner Contest...Bogus?

    Maybe it's just me, but this contest is really starting to feel like a bogus contest. The deadline was June 1. We got one update in July that said they got around 500 scripts and then.....nothing. What the hell! It's been over six months. Anyone else frustrated?

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    How much did you pay to enter? And do they have a report card on MovieBytes?


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      It was free to enter, so I for one did. Perhaps because it was free, and the "prize" basically just consideration by JC himself and a tiny bit of option cash, I haven't held my breath. Have patience -- I'm sure they're not footing the bill to have outside readers go thru the 500 submissions, so it will certainly take time.


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        12/28/04 UPDATE!
        12/28/04 UPDATE!
        12/28/04 Update!

        Thank you to all the screenwriters who set out to delight and horrify us with material for the Next, Great John Carpenter Movie Contest. Over three hundred entries have been reviewed (about 100 to go), and as we narrow it down to the finalists, the quality and variety of scripts has been truly impressive. Finalists will be notified and contest results posted on the website in the next 8 weeks.

        Erik Bauer
        Creative Screenwriting Magazine


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          Re: 12/28/04 UPDATE!12/28/04 UPDATE!12/28/04 Update!

          Yea! Thanks for the update, Erik!


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            Hey Erik,

            Much thanks for the update and the hard work you've done over the holiday!