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  • Slamdance TV Contest Winners - Please Read

    Have any of you ever placed in the Slamdance TV contest and had them exercise the option? What was your experience was like working with them?

    Here's another question - are "blind deals" (if you win a contest they automatically have the right to exercise an option on your script and basically own it) a good idea if you are new to the business and haven't been able to get other production companies to read your pilot? Please advise...

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first year of the contest? Even the 'blind deal' part of the prize came fairly late on, due to Fox21.

    Anyway, good luck if you've entered it.


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      Hi, Dying Clown

      According to their website, Slamdance has been around since 1995. It doesn't say how long the Teleplay Contest has been around, however. You may be right that it's their first year. Bummer! I wanted some real feedback on this blind deal stuff. Guess I'll have to go into this thing... (coughs)... blind.... 8)


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        The festival's been around since 1995 - and I've no idea when the screenplay contest started, but it's definitely a few years old. But this Teleplay dealy is definitely a new thing, so enjoy going into the wilderness on this one In fact, the company sponsoring the blind deal, Fox21, was only founded this year. FYI, they're a branch of Fox attempting to focus on "quirky" individualised, cost-effective (i.e. 'cheap'). But as for what kind of show they're looking for, and how quirky they want, we're all in the same boat of knowing jack. I'd think that sitcoms and bad language have a slight advantage, but it's really a crapshoot.

        I entered too (or hope I did, if I actually managed to mail the damn thing), so we're in the same boat of waiting around til January in the vain hope we've entered something they're actually looking for. The blind leading the blind..

        Anyway, happy holidays


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          Oh, I forgot to add the only bit of marginally useful information I had to add: the head of Fox21 was an executive who was behind (or favoured in some capacity): Judging Amy, Roswell and Tru Calling. Obviously there's no indication that's what they're looking for here (if anything I think the winner will probably be a 'realistic' sitcom with lots of bad language), but it's at least something to think about.


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            Wow, you really know your stuff! I was going to research Fox21 but looks like you've done it for me. BTW, good luck on your script even though, technically, you are my competition. But hey, there's room for David Lynch and that Bosco fella so there should certainly be room for you and me. Happy Holidays to you as well. Thanks again for the info!