Disney Fellowships -- anyone else heard/preparation?



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  • Disney Fellowships -- anyone else heard/preparation?

    Feel too much like I'm operating in a vacuum up here. Anyone get a phone call from Disney? Is there any special preparation required for the interview? Pitfalls to avoid?

    I know, a thousand questions. But first, the tranya.

    P.S. I hope I didn't violate any sort of forum protocol or etiquette by taking my first post and charging right in and soliciting everyone for info and feedback.

    But I'm in the dark here!

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    I haven't heard anything, but I didn't expect to yet. They say they notify during winter of 2004. Admittedly, that's pretty vague, but I don't think the first week of November quite makes the cut.

    Then again, I live in a place with no real seasons, so the fact that I don't consider it winter yet may not be all that valid of an observation. I have no idea when Disney traditionally starts notifying people.

    In conclusion, I basically know nothing and have nothing valuable to contribute. At least on this topic.

    Glad I could help.


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      I was probably too vague. Someone from Disney called me earlier in the week and said there would be interviews with the finalists "sometime prior to Thanksgiving" and then a decision regarding the "winners" would be sometime in December.


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        Oh, well, then, you're ahead of me, news-wise! Sorry for my utter lack of usefulness. I guess my lack of a call is a bad sign. On the other hand, it looks like you're on a good track, so congrats!


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          I suppose, though who knows the timeline for such things.

          I was more keen to find out more about the post-notification process, assuming anyone on the board had any insights.

          No worries. I'll keep poking around.


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            The year I was a finalist, I was phoned the week before Thanksgiving for a phone interview.

            I was called back the following Monday to be invited to fly out for the final in-person interview. The interview was the second week of December and winners were picked just a few days later.

            Letters to non-advancers weren't sent unitl mid-January.


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              I got a phone call a couple days ago. They said I was one of 12 semifinalists.

              From the 12 they said they'll pick 8 finalists for face to face interviews that will take place Friday Dec. 3.


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                Re: disney

                Congrats, zweldy. With that prize money, you
                can take me out for dinner. Good luck!


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                  Re: disney

                  Hmm, maybe I misunderstood the nature of the call. Thought I heard the word "finalist" in there somewhere, but then again, my palms were sweating from the word "hello."

                  Your take on the call (and the process) sounds like it makes more sense. Just curious: Were you on the TV or Film side of the competition? Or is there no real distinction in that regard?

                  Pondering calling them back to get clarification, but don't want to come across as a desperate pest -- which is what I am, of course.


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                    Go ahead and call 'em back. They seemed very easy going when we talked.

                    I applied to the feature film fellowship (not TV). They have a separate group of fellows from each.


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                      Re: Disney

                      Called them. You were spot-on. And it sounds like they'll be contacting the chosen few (for the fact-to-face) either today or Monday.

                      Good luck and thanks.


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                        Re: Disney

                        Disney called and I'm not on the shortlist for face-to-face. I'm "bumped" as he put it. Odd term, but it all means the same thing.

                        Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. Oh, bother.

                        Hope your news is better.



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                          Thanks for the well wishes mraymond. I just was told I did make it to the interview stage.

                          Sorry to hear you got "bumped" but I will offer one remote hope for you. A few years ago I applied to the Disney TV Fellowship. Got a rejection letter around Christmas saying thanks for applying but no dice. Didn't even make the finalists. Oh well.

                          Then, the second week of January I get a call from a guy at Disney saying they have a couple more openings, several readers had really liked my script and they want a face to face interview the next day. I said fine. Did the interview and out of 4 people vying for thet slot... didn't get picked. The reason I mention this is that it seems the only way I got the interview was because someone who was a finalist must have backed out or been dropped after the interview process. So who knows, you still may have a shot (slim as it may be).


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                            Re: news

                            i'm still trying to figure out who got their calls, the Film or TV entrants?


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                              Re: news

                              Well, I was entered in the Film side of the process/competition, and I believe that "zweldy" was, as well.

                              And zweldy:
                              Thanks for the encouragement. I was surprised at how bummed I got about the missed opportunity. I usually don't get too high or too low about these things (defense mechanism I think), but this was a rare time when I actually got a bit excited with anticipation. Funny that. So going to my 9-to-5 job today, I had to keep reminding myself that I'm not a complete stiff. But it was tough.