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    Re: news

    How was your interview, zweldy?

    I'm also a little confused. I believe there were about 50 people called, and they're whittling those 50 down by doing phone interviews. I believe they will do in-person interviews with 20 of those 50. Out of the 20 that they interview they will choose 12 fellows.

    I think they dealt with the feature folk first, and are now dealing with the TV folk?


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      mrray & zweldy,

      first off, congrats on advancing in such a competitive and prestigious contest...

      I'd like to ask a favor. I've entered the Disney twice, but never made it past the January rejection letter.

      I'd really appreciate the opportunity to read scripts that've made it as far as yours have. I know this is a touchy request for some people, but I'd be willing to swap scripts to give you some collateral. For your Disney finalist, I'll trade a script that's earned almost 25k in option money (might actually go into production next year), landed us an agent, and got us meetings at places like Paramount and Universal.

      If I find myself still aspiring next year, still in need of a Fellowship, I'd really like to know what calibre/type of material makes it to the Disney finals.

      If you're open to a swap, send a message to my inbox and we'll take it from there. If not, I understand, certainly no hard feelings...and best of luck with your scripts.


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        For anyone interested in the process: had my interview last Friday (for the feature fellowship). Rather short, no more than five or ten minutes. The guy's interview before me was about the same so I figured they just wanted to see what you looked like and that you could walk and talk and hold a conversation.

        There were maybe 10(?) execs around a boardroom table. Got intro'd so fast I can't recall. They asked about my background(how you got into writing) and your experience, etc. We had some friendly banter back and forth and they said each fellow would be paired with two of the execs for the next year. I asked when they'd make decision and they said by Monday (the 6th). That was about it.

        Got the call Monday. Of 9 finalists they were able to pick the first three but were deadlocked between myself and another guy for the fourth and final spot. They decided to appeal to the (money)powers that be and request to have an extra feature fellowships.

        They call me Tuesday- Disney said no, they don't wanna cough up anymore money. Only four fellows. So they have to go back and come to a decision.

        They call me at lunch Wednesday. Didn't get it. I chatted with my contact and it may have tipped the scales the other way because I'm repped and the other guy isn't --and thus could seemingly use the fellowship more than I. But I'll never really know.

        So best of luck to four who made it.


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          Re: interview


          Jeepers, that's what I call missing out by a gnat's eyelash. On some level, it must have been disappointing to know you were so close. On the other hand (as you mentioned), unlike some stiffs like me, you do have representation, which in the eyes of a glass-half-full world, means that tomorrow can always be viewed optimistically as "another day."

          Nevertheless, congrats for your accomplishment from a Fellowship competitor who never quite made it inside the mysterious black box that is "The Mouse."

          As my five year-old son once asked when I called him from LA during a trip to attend a screenwriting event ("Have you seen Spiderman yet?"), I can only ask, "Is it a magical world inside the castle walls that is Disney?"


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            Re: interview

            I've been inside the offices at Disney Studios. They do have quite a few fairies working there, now that I think about it.


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              Re: interview


              Congrats on making it as far as you did! Major major accomplishment!

              I have my in-person interview on Thursday for TV, would you mind emailing me at [email protected] so I can pick your brain? I would really appreciate it!




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                Congratulations to the finalists.

                Is it advisable to rewrite a work submitted this year and resubmit it next? Will they remember and discount it out of hand? Or will they read it as if fresh. Would it be better to submit a new work next year? Anyone have a take on it?

                Thanks, Jim


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                  Re: Disney

                  Since you have six-seven months till they accept entries again, I'd suggest a new piece of work. I don't think they'll disqualify you for having same script entry. But you're going to write a new one anyway, right? So, might as well send that in.


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                    Thanks for the reply.

                    Although I've at least partially supported myself via writing (mostly nonfiction) most of my life, I'm relatively new to scriptwriting. So each rewrite improves (?) drastically.

                    The script (a drama) is now far superior to the version I entered last year. (When I submitted it, it had already been a finalist in one contest and quarter finalist in others.) I have two others in progress - one in rewrite and the other about half way through. Both are high concept. The one in rewrite is my first action/adventure script. It's been well received by reviewers so far but I'm struggling a bit with getting everything to flow logically and make sense. (I've had far more trouble with this genre than with drama. But I'm enjoying it.)

                    Thanks again, Jim


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                      DD's Official Disney Fellow

                      Congrats, Boobsie! Very impressive.

                      Feel like giving us any info on the script? Genre? Logline? Synopsis?

                      Did the interviewers give you any sense of what they liked best about your script?


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                        Re: DD's Official Disney Fellow

                        Hey Okey.

                        The script was a Without A Trace spec (a show about the FBI missing person's unit). It's entitled "Under The Skin." It's about a high profile Skinhead who goes missing from a high security prison.

                        In the interviews there wasn't much feedback. Good nor bad. The interviews were more about finding out about how I write, what shows I liked, that kind of thing.

                        I hope this answers your question, Okey. I'm still in the clouds since hearing, in fact, yesterday I had to ask Hubby if he was sure they called me. (Apparently, they did).