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  • Hoollywood's next success competition

    should announce winners on November 30. But till now no news from them. Maybe you already know results or heard something about delay?

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    just curious...

    From some of you old hands out there...I wonder how many people enter this contest...would the number be in the hundreds...thousands...?


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      Re: just curious...

      I guess in thousands. One detail is quite interesting, this contest was two times this year. On 7/30 winners were announced and on 11/30 contest should announce them.. No answer at all. It should be here people who entered this contest.


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        6 days pasted after 11/30, but no news from this contest. Competition administrators do not answer to the entrants letters. Even moviebytes connected with them and didn't get any answer.


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          mailbox full

          I sent an email to Beth at Hollywood's Next Success and the mail was returned due to full mailbox.

          Being a few days late is understandable...you would think they would post a message if they are still reading scripts (sent in under the wire)...

          I read the comments section over at Moviebytes from one of the entrants back in August...he made the comment they were about a month late( back in August ) in posting winners due to the large number of entries....


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            webpage is closed

            This site has been suspended. You will find only this in next success webpage. Beautiful, isn't it?


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              Re: webpage is closed

              hey Atlantisr...I think we got SST'd....screwed, stewed and tattooed.

              Damn...all I wanted was a Red Ryder BB gun for xmas...


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                Re: webpage is closed

                I think the phrase "Hollywood's Next Success" is referring to the people who advertised the contest. Apparently, some people thought it was referring to the winning writer.


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                  Re: The Gilmore Girls

                  Here's official word from Hollywood's Next Success:

                  The site is now back up and running, with a statement that winners will be announced no later than December 15th.

                  Why the delay?

                  Computer equipment was stolen from the offices of HNS a few weeks back, resulting in loss of all data -- including all HNS data previously keyed in for the current contest.

                  All data has had to be re-entered manually; including entrants and their contact details, winners, semi-finalists etc.

                  The reason the website was suspended?

                  Credit card information for the website's billing was contained on the stolen computer system, so the card had to be cancelled. With the card cancelled, Hypermart could not charge the next billing period and shut down the site until the bill was paid.

                  I do freelance web work for HNS and have no other affiliation with them, and let me assure you that I have been just as concerned as everyone else over the past week. I only managed to get into contact with HNS yesterday to learn of the problems.

                  Rest assured: results are on their way.


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                    Re: The Gilmore Girls

                    Thank you. Do not think, all people were in panic. Just the best thing to do is to talk about the contest problems here at done deal and you will get all news. Thanks, again. Good luck HNS personal and judges.


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                      Red Ryder BB Gun...

                      Feel better now...just bought a new box of bb's...ready to lock and load to shoot those pesky birds in my back yard...

                      Seriously...glad to hear the news...another legit contest...makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside....

                      Hope I win the top prize...my kids need shoes....(designer brand of course)...