Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship



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  • Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship

    This is my favorite quote of the story.

    This was only the second script we've written, and to be honest, neither of us realized the prestige of this contest nor did we realize the ramifications of being a Nicholl Fellow.

    Yea for stand-up comics!

    Original article:


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    Re: Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship

    Better than that. They are two great guys. They also made a great remark during their awards ceremony acceptance speech about (paraphrasing here), "Hey, we didn't know what we were doing and then we get here and people are talking about stuff like 'character arcs' and **** -- hell, we didn't know and just figured -- cool. Whatever."

    I hung out with them one evening in the hotel lobby while they visited with a friend of theirs (another comic) who was holding court and I was in stitches. And then a busload of Victoria Secret models pulled up outside and they had a wealth of new material.

    P.S. Yeah, they mentioned that bit about counting the money on the first night. To me, it was like when a friend of Tony Soprano's gets out of prison and they have an envelope of money waiting for him to help get him back on his feet.


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      Re: Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship

      My favorite part is that they describe $30,000 as a 'modest cash award.'


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        Re: Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship

        I second what Acqua said -- these guys were great. As I recall, they don't perform comedy together (they should) but are pretty much best friends.

        And as it turns out, Al and I grew up very close to each other and went to the same high school -- T.C. Williams, of Remember the Titans fame. His PE teacher was Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington in the movie (but, as Al noted, far more like Sherman Hemsley in real life).


        p.s. Acqua -- nice meeting you that night.


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          Re: Stand-up comics win 2006 Nicholl Fellowship

          As frustrating as it can be to read that some newbies scored big with just their second script - it just goes to prove that people with an uncanny ability to weave together a compelling story that hits all the right notes - isn't something of science and quotes from screenwriting books and DVD's - it comes from a more natural place – the ability to tell a good story.