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    Situation comedy

    After consulting my psychic, the eight-ball, tarot cards and rune-stones...I've been told that its not over...just more than they planned for and a bit confused.

    Believe in the magic!

    Small Medium at Large


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      Re: Situation comedy

      I did the Magic Eight Ball too. And I kept shaking it until it gave me the answer I wanted. :lol


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        Geevie, what's this shake business...I had to shoot up an "eight-ball" to cope with this contest.

        The cosmos has spoken and it says there's more to come.

        Small Medium at Large :b


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            Received today from Bravo:

            Subj: Re: Regarding the Situation Comedy contest
            Date: 10/25/2004 8:48:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
            From: Bravo Sitcom <[email protected]>
            To: <[email protected]>
            Sent from the Internet (Details)

            We will be contacting all finalists by November 12th. For official notice, please visit


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              Geevie, nice work! See...Jobu indicated a later announcement for this contest! Now I have to go and sacrifice a chicken. (extra crispy)

              Small Medium at Large

              Hats for bats...go Sox.



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                You may want to delete your e-mail address before a web-scraper picks it up. Or not.


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                  The conundrum continues. Which finalists will be contacted by November 12th? The top fifty? The next ten? The select group of five or the final two?


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                    Re: Huh?

                    Nice work Geevie!

                    "So your telling me theres a chance" - Dumb n Dumber


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                      Re: Huh?

                      Good point, Augie. I've edited it out.

                      The second round is supposed to take the final 50 down to ten, which then are whittled down to five. Five finalists are flown to LA to pitch and then two finalists are chosen.

                      If they can do that between October 18, the deadline that was given to the ones we know got to the next round, and November 12 - then that's the two finalists they mean.

                      I'm a little skeptical to say the least.


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                        Re: Huh?

                        Lets examine the "situation"... The term finalists should be referred to, by writing (both finalists will be posted by...)
                        Only two finalists, right?

                        The idea that (all finalists will be posted by 11-12) may refer to quarter-finalists (meaning many...50)

                        Be of good cheer you, soon to be 50 quarter-finalists!

                        Keep the faith...Small Medium at Large


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                          move on

                          (This message was left blank)


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                            From Bravo

                            I emailed Bravo and got the following response:

                            If you haven't heard anything by Nov.12th, then you can assume that you
                            not a finalist in any of the rounds. This does not mean no one has
                            contacted. Please review the attached article.

                            Here is the attached article:

                            Sunday, October 24, 2004
                            NEW YORK POST
                            page 5

                            FUNNY BUSINESS - Bravo show searches for the next 'Friends'

                            Are you missing Ross and Rachel? Do you wish the Soup Nazi would refuse service just one more time? Do you need therapy and wish you could call Frasier? Or are you just holding out for the Next Great Sitcom?

                            So is Bravo, which has just closed the submission process for "Situation:Comedy," a new 10-episode reality contest slated for early 2005 that will whittle down thousands of amateur comedy scripts to find - not an American Idol - but an American Comedy Writer. "Every state in the union has been represented," says executive producer Arnold Shapiro, who is best known for running CBS's "Big Brother." Shapiro was flooded with scripts. "We budgeted for 2,000 to 2,500 scripts, at most. And then, almost 7,000 came in."

                            By the end of next week, "Situation:Comedy" creators Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace") and Todd Milliner will be among those who will cull the Top 10, at which points producing partner (and Bravo owner) NBC will step in to help choose the Top 5. How good are the scripts?

                            "Everybody seems to think their workplace is the funniest place on the planet," says Shapiro. "It's like mining for gold. You've got a lot of ore, which is useless. You may come across some fool's gold. And then, every so often, there's that gold nugget, which is priceless."

                            The show will document the five writers (or writing teams) who will be flown to Hollywood and put through the traditional sitcom development process until, in mid-November, NBC entertainment president Kevin Reilly will be among those choosing the final two.

                            But it's Bravo's viewers who will get to decide (by Internet vote) which of the final two 15-minute presentations wins. What does the winner get? $25,000 in cash, a one-year representation by either William Morris Agency or Creative Artists Agency, and the very real possibility that the script will be taken to the next level: A real NBC comedy pilot.

                            Maybe the Next Great Sitcome is almost here.

                            ----Deborah Starr Seibel

                            Hope this helps clear things up for everyone.



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                              Re: From Bravo

                              Okay. I've revised my estimate:



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                                The waiting game...

                                Hola all, Jimmy Turner here. I am also one of the finalists, and, I have to tell you, this waiting is driving me mad. It's obviously an honor to have been selected as 1 out of 7000, but, at the same time, I've never been closer to that "big break". This is a strange business, hard to rest on your laurels. Anyway, I update my blog on my site,, with any news, so, stay tuned!