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    They didn't pick 50 people and they didn't read 7,000 scripts. They read the first 1500-2000 scripts and chose 10-15 people. But let me also make this disclaimer: This is not a fact but probably very close.

    Bravo has left a stench so bad that even Ashlee Simpson can't cover it up.

    So now that I got that out,
    Congratulations to everyone who made it.


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      RE: situation: comedy

      They didn't pick 50 people and they didn't read 7,000 scripts. They read the first 1500-2000 scripts and chose 10-15 people. But let me also make this disclaimer: This is not a fact but probably very close.
      How do you know this? I agree that something here seems fishy, but maybe I'm still stinging from the whole "are you now or have you ever been a member of the WGA" thing....:rolleyes


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        Re: RE: situation: comedy

        The 50 finalists have been chosen. They've been notified.

        I highly doubt they are staggering the notifications. They can't. The top 50 scores win. They can't keep reading after notifying people or their entire process is corrupted. What if in the final 2000 scripts 47 of them are better than the scripts written by the "18" people who have been notified?

        It's over.

        I'm sad too. But it's over.


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          After consulting the crystal ball on this "situation" I had predicted that Bravo received much more than they had planned on and was doing their best to juggle this difficult problem.

          Now stop sticking pins in those Bravo voodoo dolls and take them off the fire. You wouldn't want to manifest bad mojo right before they select your pilot...

          It costs a person nothing to believe...

          Small Medium at Large


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            Round 3 "Quarter Finalist"

            Hello everyone. I've made it into Round 3 as a "Quarter Finalist" and wanted to share what my experience has been so far. I actually haven't been searching any of the message boards til yesterday. I just posted something to %%WORD30%@ blog so if anyone reads that, it's me.

            I had made my script submission about a week before the deadline. On Thursday, October 14th, late in the day, I received a call from "Amy" who informed me that I was in Round 2. I live in LA now but was actually in Vegas and she said that they would e-mail me the Round 2 forms and that I needed to put together the three minute video and have it back to them by the following Tuesday. I shot the video and walked it into their offices (Riverside & Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks) that Monday.

            Just as an aside, on the receptionist's desk was a script that had the "Situation Comedy" cover sheet on it. It looked like a reader had graded it. There were five categories and there were four 1's and one 2. I believe 5 is the best score. The comment on the script was something like "dialog barely passable".

            Late in the day on Friday, October 22nd, I got a call from Phillip (he's listed as the contest coordinator) and Jeff (position unknown) telling me that I had made it into Round 3 and that there was an extensive questionnaire that I needed to fill out and have back to them by Monday, October 25th.

            The questionnaire was from a firm "Edward Myers & Associates" and asked things like "Have I ever appeared in a porn movie?", "Do I use recreational drugs", "Have I ever had a temporary restraining order filed against me", etc, etc. The form ran about 20 pages or so.

            Again, I walked it into their offices on Monday. Yesterday, they contacted me again and said they had forgotten to ask for five professional and five personal references - they simply needed names and phone numbers.

            So here I am. I have my own theories on what's happening right now but it's pretty much out of my control until/if I make it to Round 4. Then it'll be up to me sell the script and myself.

            Hope this helps clear up where they are in the process.


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              Well? Have you ever appeared in a porn film?


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                No . . .

                . . . but if it will advance my career, I'm willing to try.

                Here are selected questions that I had to answer:

                21.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Approximately how many times per week do you consume alcohol? ________
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp When was the last time you consumed alcohol? _______________
                22.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp What recreational drugs do you use?
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                23.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Approximately how many times per week do you use recreational drugs? ________
                24.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp When was the last time you used recreational drugs? _______________
                25.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If you have ever been, or are currently being, treated for alcohol or drug abuse, explain:
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                26.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Have you ever driven a car while under the
                influence of alcohol or recreational drugs?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If ¡§Yes,¡¨ how many times?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If you answered ¡§Yes¡¨ to the question above, fill out the table below:

                (Month/Year)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Amount of Alcohol Consumed/Drugs Used / Over What Time Period&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Would You Have Been Arrested If Stopped by Law Enforcement?
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No

                30.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If any current or former spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other has ever contacted the police, support groups, or any other agency as a result of an allegation of spousal/domestic abuse or restraining order involving you, explain below:

                Date:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                Court/Police Agency:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
                Explanation:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

                Final Disposition:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

                38.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Have you ever appeared in any pornographic movies?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Æ'ß Yes Æ'ß No
                &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If ¡§Yes,¡¨ please list below those movies:


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                  Re: No . . .

                  Thanks for all the information. Keep us updated on your progress and good luck!


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                    Do you remember the five categories they used to grade the scripts?


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                      Judging Criteria

                      This is what's listed on the Bravo website: characters, dialogue, plot, humor, and originality - I'm pretty sure that's how the readers graded the scripts out.


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                        The "2" was obviously out of sympathy

                        I can't believe my wonderful script wound up on some lowly receptionist's desk.


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                          All of this sounds familiar save the "references" request. But I did receive an email from...I forget the guy's name...on October 22 saying they'd received everything they had to have so...who knows?! I'm hearing soooo many different things from so many different sources that I'll just hang out and wait for November 12th. Or...whatever.

                          Nice to be in Round Two, but...Wow. I'm so sorry it's such a confusing process for everyone, though, and causing such angst.


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                            Re: References

                            I never even got notification that they ever received my contest entry.


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                              Re: References

                              They didn't acknowledge my initial entry, just that they'd gotten the video, etc., when I made the 2nd round. I gather they had 'way too many entries to actually respond to them all individually--but a list of folks who were moving on might've helped quell some of the doubts and distress. I'm watching this thread just to see how many different experiences we'll all have from here on. On the one hand, they've been very conscientious, letting us know what to send in next, calling to make sure, all that--I was impressed. But, then on the other, I've now seen that there are lots of people still trying to figure out what's up. Has to be because it's their first time trying this, and they were probably totally not ready for the big deluge. If the figures are true...whoa, baby...


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                                I guess I was #51.