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  • Dov S-S Simens - 2-Day Film School

    Anyone tried this? Thinking about enrolling.

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    Dov S-S Simens - 2-Day Film School

    Took the class earlier in the year. This is an excellent class if you plan to shoot a movie yourself. His whole thing is "You want to be in the movie business and you don't even know how to BUY FILM!" If you thought McKee was ornery, Dov may be too much for you.

    This is "practical" film school. He teaches you how and where to buy film in NY. The different types of film, how much for how long, how to bargain for deals. How to cast, what to shoot on and how to shoot. He goes very intensively into how to sell and distribute your film- film festivals, international markets, DVD, internet. He has a very interesting breakdown of how to make a movie with a certain amount of money- $5000- $20 million- he actually breaks down the costs for you.

    That said, this is a great producer or indy director's class (future Kevin Smith's and Tarantinos). If you're a pure screenwriter there's little new insight, go to McKee. But if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of making a movie on your own dime (and if you have the extra cash), check it out.


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      Simen's book is a good read too, btw.


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        Cool. Many thanks for the input.


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          One more q, to Ampersand or anyone: how does the
          book "From Reel to Deal" compare with what's covered in the
          2-day? The book seems pretty comprehensive -- is it good


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            Sorry, never read the book. But if he's anything like McKee it probably is the same (how much more can he have to say)? But like McKee, it's probably more useful to actually hear him talk and have him there to ask questions- McKee's book reads technical, but his lectures make perfect sense.

            But it is a lot of dough. If you're serious about making your own movie and you have the funds, I'd say do it. If you're limited on the $, buy the book and that'll probably be enough (then again I didn't read the book so what do I know?)...


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              Best money you'll ever spend.

              Took this class like 8 years ago. Before the HD and MiniDV boom. Back when your only low budget option was to shoot 16mm. This guy is great. He is straight to the point and I still use the methods Dov taught way back then with the projects I do today.