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    hey guys-- new to this board, but am looking to start a screenwriting group for intermediate writers.. people who have at least 2-3 completed scripts and live in so-cal. Would like to have a good mix of people who have completed a sale or option & been produced, and those who just have scripts but no sales yet.... would meet every other week around 8:00 for an hour or two to share progress, advice and contacts. Anyone interested?

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    definately interested - where in the la area?


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      meeting place

      Whatever works for everyone.. I'm in the valley, but anywhere is fine. Bourgeois Pig, Priscella's, someone's home.... I guess once a group is formed we can all decide. Shoot me a email or just reply here...


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        I'm bumping for a good cause. Good luck with your group. I know some writer types used to hang out at ungodly hours on Friday and Saturdays at Canter's on Fairfax. That's a fun place if you hit it at the right time.