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  • Get Your Monster Story Read By Stephen Sommers!

    Anyone plan on entering this??

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    Oh, boy...not agin...

    I'll be the first to admit I'm just a punk...but this seemingly outpunks me. No more than 2500 words... hello? Fanboy Bait Central, may I help you?

    From the guidelines, all this invites is a contemporary rehash of HOUSE OF DRACULA/FRANKENSTEIN. Submitted by scribes offering: "Then Frankenstein grabs the Wolfman and tosses him agin Dracula hoo snarl2 and throughz him back..."

    Which I could do, but where's the fun? This just comes across as Universal's abject pimping of back catalogue material.

    On the cliched other hand, that DVD package seems pretty sweet -- screw the phone conversation with Sommers, give me the meat!


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      Re: Oh, boy...not agin...

      What do you suppose they mean by 'all material becomes the property of universal'? Does that mean they can use our stories for van helsing 2?


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        Re: Oh, boy...not agin...

        it means they can reprint it as they wish. The point seemed to be to collect materials for the DVD release, so the prize is basically getting your short story on the DVD.


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          Unlike the other posters I didn't consider this a fanboy dinner bell.

          I like to write short stories as well as scripts and this seemed like an excellent exercise.

          Payoff seemed decent, a free DVD or a chance to talk to an A-List director without him hanging up on you before you finish your pitch.

          However the contest states the winner would be posted in October.

          Suffice it to say is is a few days past the end of October.

          All I can find out about the contest host, Visionary Cinema, is that they seem to do these contests regularly but there is no contact info other than the addy given on the site.

          I am wondering about the legitimacy of this but it is on a Universal Studios website, so they have to be in on this. But again, October is over and nada.

          Any thoughts?