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    Re: Austin and Whatnot

    Hey Matt. I met you and Mark in Austin (also at the airport on the way home). Lee Rutty. Welcome to the board, hope you stick around.

    It was Matt and Mark I referred to above when I said the best people there (for me anyway) were the independant producers. They were very helpful and approachable, and I hope I can stay in touch with M & M in the future. They've trod the path I'm starting down, and seem willing to point out the landmarks and quicksand pits.

    I'm really pissed I missed their seminar on the weekend.


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      Re: Austin and Whatnot

      Hey, Lee!

      It's a difficult, but not an impossible, path you're heading down. I hope I didn't overwhelm you when we spoke at the airport...But I was speaking from experience (read as mistakes I've made! Ha!).

      You sat in on the Ray McKinnon & Walt Goggins panel -- so you saw the pure joy in the eyes of the film makers after a project is complete.

      That'll be you soon!


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        Hello everyone,

        I'm mostly a lurker around here but some of you know me. I couldn't afford the badge this year, so I volunteered. I was working the roundtables... brunette-handing out ice water to the panelists. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. What a great experience!

        I think next year we should all put little smiley stickers or a foil star or something on our badges (front and back) so that we can tell one another easily.

        I probably met some of you and didn't know it and I truly hope you all had as much fun as I did.

        I'll be there next year too... and the year after that and so on... So, here's to next year!