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  • Action Cut Seminar

    I've signed up for this seminar and I was wondering if anyone else has taken it.

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    I have, Paula. It's basically a directing seminar, though there's some time spent on the practicalities of budgeting your film, getting it made, etc. Guy also touches on production hurdles like finding and affording the right location, permits, and so on.

    Guy does a great job in breaking down the basics of directing. He gives you a bound copy of all the scenes that will be discussed, so that you can read them beforehand. The first day covers television. You read the scenes, and then Guy explains how he shot the scene, sketching the camera positions out on a dry erase board (like a football play). Then you watch all the dailies, and finally the final edited scene. The next day you do something similar with film scenes and then move on to the business/production side I mentioned earlier. (Locations, budgeting, finding financing and distribution, and all that good stuff.) Guy has written several of the films he directed, so writing is definitely touched on, but the focus is definitely on directing, and to some degree, self-producing.

    That said, as a writer who has only a niggling interest in directing, I still found the seminar incredibly helpful. Having a clearer idea of what the director needs from the script is just invaluable. And I'm not talking about giving camera direction in the script. I'm just talking about understanding the directing process enough to that what you write will help the director see what you see. It also helped me see that sometimes I was writing scenes that I thought were quite simple, but were in fact very difficult to shoot, just because of the way I had phrased things. Now, when I write a scene, I'm aware of the practicalities involved in making what I wrote happen.

    Guy also actively encourages networking among the attendees, which can be very helpful, as the group (at least when I was there) is a great mix of writers, directors, actors, and just about everything else. So bring a card, resume, or other self-promotional material, because he provides a table for everyone to do so.

    And, as with any good seminar or conference, you're very likely to leave all fired up and ready to apply your renewed vigor to your work. I wrote my first short film script the weekend I took Guy's seminar. So there you go.

    To be fair, I should mention that I didn't pay for my attendence, having won it as a prize in a competition. And we're always more agreeable about things that come to us for free! But still, I would definitely recommend Action/Cut.

    Hope you enjoy it!


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      Forgive the plug, but I reviewed Guy's and Jim Pasternak's seminars at my site.


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        Thanks, Jim M. I signed up for the seminar through a local filmmaker's group with a good price ($200) so it sounds like a good investment. I took Dov SS Simens class a few years ago and I've taken several film and television classes but it sounds like I won't be bored.