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  • Expo 3 Contest Results

    Anybody out in the ether hear anything yet? Didn't I read somewhere the results were coming by the end of September? Will results be mailed, emailed or posted? Do you like Gladiator movies?

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    We're busy reading screenplays and, personally, finishing up post-production on a feature film.

    We should announce quarterfinalists by early next week. We will post it at the site, here, at moviebytes and send an email to everyone.

    Semifinalists and finalists will be notified by mid-October, so that they can plan to come to Expo 3.

    I have already begun to contact the pool of 20 from the quarterfinalists (not necessarily the semifinalists), which will be forwarded to Writers Boot Camp for them to pick the Think Tank winners. We will be contacting the rest of these people (15 or so left) over the next week or so.

    Good luck to all.

    Jim Mercurio
    [email protected]


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      I will be entering the Screenwriting Kumite this year. Please make the check out to David W. Clary. I'll be by to pick it up on the 7th.


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        Hey Jim,

        What's the point of including your email address when you don't reply to emails?


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          I answer all nonurgent email about every 2nd or 3rd day.

          I haven't received any emails since I posted here and as of now, I don't have any emails to which I haven't replied.

          If you need to contact me, please send an email again to [email protected].