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  • 20/20 Screenwriting Contest

    Sounds like an interesting idea: a 20-point checklist which scripts must meet. I like the idea that any script that meets this criteria will be considered a winner. Many of the criteria seem very subjective, though. But that could really be said about any time anyone reads your script. So, has anyone previously participated in this contest and, if so, did you agree with the feedback that was given?

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    Re: Skeptical

    I too was going to enter this contest and after doing my homework, I changed my mind. From other boards and MovieBytes.com, I learned that the judges don't give the contest entries fair feedback.:rolleyes

    I learned from a few writers that the feedback given was unreliable... meaning, the judges questioned certain aspects of the story from the first twenty pages submitted, when in fact, the answers to their questions where within the those first twenty pages.

    From this, the writers immediately learned that the judges did not read the entire pages, but only skimmed through. I found there are not a lot happy writers who have entered this contest.



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      Re: Skeptical

      That sounds terrible. If people pay their entry fee, the least, the absolute least these contests can do is read the entire submission. Skimming over it might cut it for a reader hired to take a look at a studio submission (only if the script is visibly "off"), but for these contests, especially one that offers feedback, readers should try to help writers as much as possible. They hate reading bad scripts so much, then they should do what they can to help these writers avoid submitting scripts just as bad the next time.

      Thanks for the feedback. Where did you find out the info? I've been on moviebytes, but haven't looked anywhere else yet.


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        My two cents (actually I only have a cent and a half)

        I came across 20/20 from this board and on my Ramen budget (I know six ways serve to Ramen noodles), the $20 appealed to me plus the idea of getting some feedback. I also liked the idea of having to grab the reader's attention within 20 pages.

        I entered two scripts. One advanced to next round, other didn't. Although the feedback was difficult to take I believe it was sincere. I felt the reader "missed" the heart of the story, but I concluded that ultimately it's my responsibility to make the story crystal clear and unambiguous. One reader even sent an email with some questions about theme & character development and some suggestions. There's only 3 readers and they sign the feedback which was a nice personable touch.

        So, overall it was disappointing, but I concluded it reflected more on my lack of skill than their expertise. ??? I'd do it again for twenty bucks.




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          Well, julian, that doesn't sound as bad as the previous person's comments. Criticism is okay, as long as it is constructive and makes sense. Every writer should want to know what problems people have with their work, but the way this contest was described before makes it sound like the readers don't even care. The biggest part of this contest that worries me is that it is so subjective. Based on their criteria, they could eliminate just about any script, based on the reader. But, again, that's true of any contest.


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            The problem is that they skim even the first 20 pages and miss key plot points . My Nicholl semifinalist script didn't mike their first cut because the reader skimmed past key plot points that sets up the motives of the several of characters. Something that the 5 Nicholl readers I had to go through to make the semi's obviously did read.

            So save your $20....