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  • Screenwriting Expo 3

    Well, I've browsed the last few pages looking for someone commenting on this year's expo, but I didn't see any mentions. Perhaps I've jumped the gun. I was wondering who's going? Who's not? Who's excited? Who's not?

    I went to last year's and I had such a good time. I had just moved to LA at that point. I loved the atmosphere of the event and being around writers. I still don't have a lot of writer friends down here so that was a great experience. I felt awkward and shy being there because I didn't know anyone and didn't have a script finished. I am ready to go this year! I've been looking forward to this since the day after the last one.

    I checked the website and they already have announced some fantastic speakers. Like William Goldman, whom I heard last year and that was fabulous. Richard Donner, I love "The Goonies" and Jerry Lewis... all wonderful! As well as more people and some yet to be announced. I adore Shane Black as well ; I wish he would be there again, that would be awesome.

    Ok, so, now that I've re-read this post there isn't a really real point, but I am just eager and enthusiastic about it this year, because I am not nervous like I was last year. I enjoyed the lunch time the most. I liked eavesdropping on other people's conversations and have every one scrambling to find a seat and have to ask ''Is this seat taken?'' - priceless. The mini starbucks was nice too...anyways I digress. My point is let's all get excited. (haha - it's late)

    But really - who's planning on going already? What are you looking forward to? I guess we could wait to see what seminars are listed too.

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    I enjoyed 1 and 2, and plan to be back for 3. I agree with what you said about the atmosphere and being around all the writers, pro and pre-pro.

    I've been at this for a long time, and by now, I run into a lot of old friends. I suggest joining Scriptwriters' Network and getting involved in things so you'll make writer friends now and have an even better experience at 3.


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      I enjoyed 2 and will probably attend 3. My main complaint last year was the dearth of TV writing panels and classes, and the fact that, of the few they had, most were disappointing. (Exception -- the Scriptwriters Network panel, which was terrific.)

      I gave them feedback on this, and expressed my hope that this year's Expo would have more and better sessions for TV writers. We'll see...

      That said, the Expo overall was terrific, and still a great deal.




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        Going --

        I enjoyd the first two -- and picked up two good contacts last years. So I'll be there Sat and Sunday (gotta work, unfortunately, on Friday)

        Should be fun -- always enjoy my time there....


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          Is anyone taking an armful of scripts with them? Or are floppy's acceptable?

          Justinpz since 1965


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            it's a waste of muscle strength to take an armful of scripts with you. no one will ask you for it. it's a learning and networking expo. take a pen.

            if you pitch - take some "one sheets"


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              Re: expo

              floppies? Hm... where do I put 'em...?


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                I'll be there teaching *six* classes.

                - Bill


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                  I hope to be there too!!!

                  I am going to beg my wife to let me fly out for the three days. Coming from West, by God, Virginia, it'll be a little hop, but I think it could be very productive...and I've never been west of Abilene, Texas.

                  I think it'll be a great learning experience.

                  Goodluck to all and have a great summer!

                  Greg Lunsford


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                    Re: I hope to be there too!!!

                    Hello everyone, this is my first posting on the great forum. I'm in England, far away from LA, but the Expo sounds wonderful and I would love to go to pitch my script. I have recently finished all the editing possible at this stage (please, don't tell me more editing is always possible, I want to be in denial, I can't look at The Thing any more for the moment!), but I haven't yet started sending it around. I would like to go to as many pitching sessions with the most approtpriate producers and agents as possible. This is a good project and I have spent eight years working on the story (it's based on my novel that I haven't started sending around either) and I believe it could be a great medium budget studio film. Now, how realistic it really is that I would be asked to send the script? How often does it happen as a result of pitching on Expo? I'd very very grateful for any imput as it's a long (and expensive) way to go! Thank you for all your time and trouble in advance.


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                      Re: I hope to be there too!!!

                      swimming 5 time zones and then taking a hop, skip, and a jump over 3 times better hope to get more out of it than a nod from a pitch. i say nod b/c it's highly unlikely that anyone at the expo will be buying on the spot. they might take your synopsis and ask for your script (now or later) but nothing more.

                      if you've been working 8 years on the project then it should be market-ready and you should query via snailmail or email. think of it this way: if you query now, get a read, get a "we want to meet you" then you can tell them you'll be in town the first week of November

                      write on!


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                        Re: I hope to be there too!!!

                        I bow to the NikeeGoddess, agree with her plan of attack.
                        Unless you're independently wealthy.

                        I think I'm going to bite the bullet this year and fly west.

                        I wanted to attend the first two, but only had one script and couldn't justify the expense. Since I beat my best friend's ear constantly about screenwriting, we've decided to build a Thelma and Louise vacation around the Expo.

                        Hopefully, we will commit no crimes.


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                          Re: I hope to be there too!!!

                          Thank you both very much, Nikeegoddess and Pandoraisme! That was kind of my intuition too (versus logic saying "take the opportunity"). It is also nice to see someone who believes that query letters are read. (There is a thread in "agents" where an agent claims they aren't...). Thanks again.