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  • Blue Cat Screenplay Competition

    Maybe some of you can help me.

    In reconciling our checkbook, I noted my check to Blue Cat dated 3/01/04 has not been posted.

    Although I've found Blue Cat to a VERY reputable contest, I've emailed them twice asking if possibly my entry was lost. Realizing it's going down to the wire on their deadline, I haven't received a reply.

    Has anyone had their entry fee post yet?


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    I entered in december of 2003, and my entry fee was cashed on January 6th.


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      This isn't good...

      ....the check still hasn't posted as cashed.

      I'm going to have to pay a visit to my local post office.

      The possibility exists that it wasn't delivered or Blue Cat's bank lost my check. Phooey!

      And amazingly, no answer from what is now my third e-mail to Blue Cat. This is highly unusual.

      I appreciate your response and hope your entry does well.



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        Re: This isn't good...

        The post office can't do a thing for you.

        Go to your bank and have them put a stop on the check.


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          Re: This isn't good...

          They released the names of the three (3) finalists today. How can they narrow it down from all entrants to 3 in the first go? All well, didn't make the cut, sucks!


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            Re: This isn't good...

            This could be your lucky day. I found a phone number in this OLD article about BlueCat:

            Call early and wake him up

            Here's the juicy part from the article:

            "Please visit for complete details, or send a SASE to BlueCat, P.O. Box 2630, Hollywood, CA 90028.

            If you like, you can call me at 323-871-8098."

            Go get 'im, tiger.


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              The smell of paydirt

              More info, from

              The Company Theatre

              1342 Calumet St. #3
              Los Angeles, CA 90026

              First Registered:
              April 14, 1998

              Last Updated:
              July 3, 2004

              Administrative Contact:
              Hoffman, Gordy (GH3678) [email protected]
              The Company Theatre
              1825 TAMARIND AVE APT 23
              LOS ANGELES, CA 90028-5536
              (213) 250-9936 fax: 999 999 9999


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                What a friend we have in Augie!

                Got 'em! I'll call.

                Thanks, Thanks.....THANKS!



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                  just an update...

                  The first number was out of order. The second had a message machine. I left a message and haven't heard anything, yet.

                  With my track record, I doubt I will.



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                    To my utter surprise....

                    ....and astonishment, I received feedback in my e-mail inbox this morning.

                    After four e-mails and one phone call, I apparently was entered after all.

                    But there still is an issue of an outstanding check.

                    In Gordy's intro paragraphs, he states "if you didn't like something, I can't fix it......(without) the input (of the entrants"

                    So I've emailed him, again, suggesting that open communication is vital to avoid all speculations that could render his contest questionable.

                    Again, even with the frustration of four emails gone unanswered, I had previously found Blue Cat very reputable. I hope, finally, with an answer to my email, that Blue Cat will restore my initial perception.



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                      It's official....

                      ....I've heard from Blue Cat.

                      Gordy responded quickly this time.

                      Gordy emailed me.

                      He stated the script arrived two months late, yet the date was okay. He apparently cycled it into the reviewing process but failed to deposit the check. He apologoized for that.

                      All my e-mails for clarification were going to his SPAM folder, he discovered this "a few weeks ago" along with other Blue Cat mail. I understand how this can go, especially if you're reading and reading. And I understand that contests can't be responsible for the mail, snail or otherwise.

                      To that end, I feel this issue is resolved pleasantly. For that, I am thankful and will consider entering Blue Cat again.



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                        Re: It's official....

                        Your script arrived two months late for the contest, or two months after you sent it (not necessarily the same thing)? If it arrived late for the contest, how could your script have received a fair chance to win? Will he be refunding your entry fee?

                        It sounds to me like this guy went out of his way to stay out of touch.

                        Just my thoughts.


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                          I'm still thanking you for your support.

                          The script was delayed by two months in the mail with the proper post date for entry in the contest. (I will be talking to my local small town postal service)

                          Since Blue Cat doesn't publicly announce their judging process and I entered it fully knowing that, I can not question that. My assumption is that it received the same as all entered. We all have to make that assumption when we enter anything. The feedback I received was thorough.

                          I, too, feel the process could have been more amicable but I, at this time, am willing to "move on" for I received the answers that I needed to know.