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    I've been searching the Sundance Film Festival website for information on entering and have come up with nothing?

    Does anyone have any info on entering or cut off dates?

    As well, anyone know of a good publicist that would push an independant film?



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    I plugged "Sundance Film Festival" into Google and the first five results were:


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      I've done that too, but I can't find the cutoff dates or where I should sent the film?




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        Re: hmmm

        From: &sk=pWFelhYJGbxKW0Go

        2004 Submission Deadlines have passed

        Film Submission deadlines for 2004:

        August 1 - Early Submissions Features and Shorts
        Early submission deadline is for American and International; Dramatic and Documentary Features and all Short Films. Films submitted during this time will be granted a discount submission fee. For early submission deadline we will be accepting completed films only (no rough cuts or work-in-progress)

        September 12 â€" American Short Films, International Short Films and all Sundance Online Film Festival applicants.

        October 3 â€" All Features

        Deadline for American and International; Dramatic and Documentary features

        Application link:



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          Deadline for next year

          The deadline for the next screenplay competition (which is actually part of the Feature Filmmakers' Lab) is May 1.



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            Re: Deadline for next year

            I thought the question was about entering a film in the film festival. My bad.


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              The question was regarding film...Thanks Guys!



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                Re: FILM

                Since we're on the subject -- what's everyone's view/experience toward Sundance? Sundance seems, in theory, to be the one of the best, if not the best, opportunities for filmmakers in general. But my take is that it's not such a great opportunity for screenwriters, per se, because they (Sundance) seem to strongly favor those people who are prepared to produce/direct their scripts. That's just my view from reading the matierial on their website in the past; and based on a hunch I have because so few of you on these boards say much about it.

                But maybe I'm wrong. I'd be glad to hear any of your views or experiences with Sundance.


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                  Re: Sundance

                  I tried to get some input on Sundance and the feature film program a month or two ago, and no one responded. Ever. Oh well. Not a lot of strong opinions one way or the other apparently. I submitted anyway, but I know it's an incredible longshot to get into the screenwriting lab. Best of luck to you if you wanna take your shot.


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                    RE: Sundance

                    I don't know anyone who has done it, but it's tough to get into and many people walk out of it and into careers. So hell, it's worth a shot, right? Just keep working on other stuff while you wait to here, like anything else....


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                      Re: RE: Sundance

                      It does favor filmmakers, filmmakers with experience and filmmakers with connections to people connected to Sundance. The Screenwriting lab is actually a development lab for filmmakers. If you aren't or don't plan to be a hyphenate you should hook up with a director and producer if you want to get into the Sundance labs.

                      My 2 cents.


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                        Re: RE: Sundance

                        okay so if you're just entering the screenwriter's lab for 2005, you need to have attachments? i didn't get that impression from the site. also somebody on another thread said comedy never wins at sundance? didn't taotropics win this with a comedy about ten years ago? i'm sure i read that in the archives way back.

                        i know this thread was about entering a film but if say i decided to enter sundance with no attachments and no interest, for the screenwriter's lab and my best script is a comedy, wouldn't it be wiser to send the comedy, which is what i'd want to workshop anyway rather than a drama or indie thing they usually produce?

                        basically the odds are incredible anyway, as this is kind of a cream rises to the top contest that isn't just for beginners, right? but anybody can enter the screenwriting portion so i'm up against a lot of good writers.

                        doesn't mean i can't enter though, does it?

                        with a comedy. gotta reach for the top. i've been kickin' hard enough, maybe it's cream by now.

                        also i noticed on their site you gotta put in a credit card to enter. don't know why they don't trust writers not to write bad checks. i had to wait to get my credit card limit down before i could even enter. damn, and this is the one i want. no money. go figure.


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                          I am working up a message board, for just this type of crisis.

                          Although I'm disheartened by the experiences you guys are having, I'm also very happy to know that what I'm going to do will prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

                          You can probably try to sign up now, but the official site launch isn't for a while and there is NO information on it yet.

                          We're still doing some research, but we've talked with people at Sundance and they said that it would be a fine idea.

                          I will try to get some more information for you and I'm glad to have people coming out and telling me what they need, so that I know what kinds of information to put on the boards.

                          Its almost finished, (but nobody's there yet) I'm going to be doing a mass mailing and promotional thing, sometime around June of this year, or earlier, depending.

                          You can bookmark it and I'd LOVE to have you guys come there.

                          The whole point of the site is to celebrate the Sundance Film Festival and Institute and what it stands for. Also, its a place to hook up with other people who are interested in trying to get into Sundance, either the institute or the films.

                          If you go to Sundance, you can probably find other roomates there, or find people who are interested in seeing the same films and meet other people way in advance.

                          I'm hoping to keep it very low key and a people kinda place.

                          You can check out the "in construction" site @

                          Its a completely non profit and has no official affiliation with the Sundance Film Festival, except our goal is to pick up where they leave off.

                          Hopefully, people can meet up and arrange shuttle buses together, sometimes just getting from the airport to Park City can be a nightmare if you don't know what you are doing.

                          I'm hoping its going to be a very beneficial thing for Sundance Enthusiasts.

                          Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to help with the publicity and information gathering, we can use as much help and support as possible.



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                            Although the official opening of the Sundance Continuum is not official you can go there and check it out.

                            The Sundance Film festival is between January 20 - 30th, 2005.

                            The information regarding submission of films will be posted online in the early part of June.

                            If you are signed up for the newsletter, you get the information as soon as its publicly available. You also get information regarding the rest of the Sundance Institute's programs.

                            There's no single Sundance Film Festival e-mail list to get on, you get on the list for "all things sundance".

                            Good luck and if you ever have any questions and I know the answers, I'll help out!


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                              I'm entering the Feature Film program - I entered this 2 years ago and made it to the finals. It's the same script, but I have a local director attached and we're forming an LLC and making a business plan (so it's more "real" now) I hope this will increase our chances of getting into the lab.

                              I think that if you make it into the labs, then you have a better chance of your project making it into the festival upon its completion.

                              For me personally it helps that they have a Native American "mini-lab" that is part of the feature film lab. I'm Indian as is my director, so we're going to apply specifically to that program.