Did anyone enter the Bluecat Screenwriting competition?



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  • Did anyone enter the Bluecat Screenwriting competition?

    Patiently waiting for July 1st to see if I made the semi's and was wondering if anyone else was waiting as well, patiently or otherwise

    Also, what genre of sp did you submit? Mine was a rom/com.

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    Ok, it's July 1st but no finalist announcement on the website. What's up with that? Am I missing something? :\


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      I entered as well. Waiting....waiting...waiting.....

      Wonder when they post?

      Dark Comedy.


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        Well it's up but I wasn't one of the lucky ones. Wonder when they will send out those emails with the feeback as promised.


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          Yeah....We'll see.....Are we due back cash if we see no feedback?


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            I have issues with Blue Cat

            Let me preface that I've posted positively regarding the BlueCat screenwriting competition in the not so far reaching past and have encouraged writers to enter but not any more---at least not until I receive a response from Gordy himself.

            For three and a half weeks I've emailed Gordy four times, yesterday being the last. There has been no attempt on his part to respond.

            I'm left with no alternative but to post here. If anyone has his phone number, I'd call him.

            It all started when I noticed my entry check hadn't been cashed. Here are the emails I sent from last to first.


            Could you possibly help me get this issue resolved, now, since you've posted your finalists? Did you receive my entry? I have this outstanding check to take care of. Please read the following emails that I've sent to you. From this address and (omitted-it's our private email).

            I sent my entry on the original closing date, then it was extended through the eighth.

            Please, help.


            Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 10:45:01 -0700 (PDT)
            From: "**"
            Subject: Entry Validation: Third E-mail
            To: [email protected]

            Blue Cat,

            The possibility exists that since I didn't send my original two emails under the email address that I entered under that you have chosen not to answer. ( I may be reaching here.)

            So, if you could, Gordy, verify if my entry UNEQUALLY YOKED reached this lastest contest. The check # 1178 dated 3/2/04 has not cleared, which lends me to think that you've never received my entry.

            I'd appreciate any answer.

            Kind Regards,

            The following are the two previous e-mails from our private email.

            BlueCat Screenplay Competition,
            I noticed when I reconciled my bank statement that my entry fee had not yet posted.

            This has left me wondering if you have received my entry: UNEQUALLY YOKED.

            Realizing this is your busiest time; I sure would appreciate some assurance than my script was entered.

            Kind Regards,

            In reconciling my bank account I noticed that my $25.00 entry fee hasn't cleared.

            Now, I'm left wondering whether you received my entry?

            UNEQUALLY YOKED - by ******.

            Any confirmation would be appreciated, if possible.

            Kind Regards,

            Believe me, I'm not out to make a stink. All I want is verification that if my check manages to make it there that it won't be cashed. Is this too much to ask? If it was never received, then I can assume it was lost in the mail and move on.

            This "no response" issue is extremely perplexing.



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              Re: I have issues with Blue Cat

              All I want is verification that if my check manages to make it there that it won't be cashed.
              Are you aware of a process called "stopping a check"? Call (or go into) your bank, give them the check number and they will put a hold on it, so that it cannot be cashed. End of problem. End of story.


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                that would be my last option

                I am also aware that it would cost me about the same amount that the check is worth. A mutual kind gesture, which I believe I should receive, on Blue Cat's part, would be a better end of the "story".

                So you say, "It's only $25.00."

                Try raising eight!

                Regardless of my options, Blue Cat should respond to my e-mail requests.



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                  Re: that would be my last option

                  most banks charge at least $20 to put a stop on a check


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                    Re: that would be my last option


                    I'd edit out the one e-mail address you show in your post. I'm not entirely sure how spiders work, but you're leaving yourself open to receiving a lot of spam in that account, and not necessarily form anyone having anything to do with screenwriting.

                    Just a thought.


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                      due the fact and I openly admit

                      my computer skills are lacking....how would one do that?

                      I did erase my personal email...

                      Most boards have an "edit button".

                      :rolleyes looking--looking---can't seem to find it.

                      Although I have over a 1,000 post at another board, here I'm just the "new Kid". Can you help me out again, Augie?



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                        Re: due the fact and I openly admit

                        Just under your screen name to the left of your post there's a little edit button as long as you are logged in.

                        hope it helps


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                          The comps have announced, and they only have 3 finalists. What the hell kind of comp narrows all entrants down to 3 on the first go??

                          I didn't make it, oh well.


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                            Re: Re:Bluecat

                            As XL said, look for your username to the left of your post in this thread. Just below your username, you should see both "Reply" and "Edit" (on my screen, those words are in blue). If the only word you see is "Reply", then you're not logged in. You'll need to be logged in first before the "Edit" function appears under your username. To log in, go to the "main" menu board (the screen where all the forums are listed) and look for "Log in" near the top of the screen. Once you've logged in, return to this thread and click on "Edit" next to the post under discussion. Your original post will then show up in the white text-window. You can make changes to any part of that post. The EZboard software already understands that you want to replace your original post with the newer, edited version, which is why the "Add Reply" button below it will be replaced by "Edit Reply" (or something like that).

                            If you can't get it to work, ask a moderator (in this thread) for help deleting your e-mail address. They'll get to it right after they stop moving stuff around.


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                              Oh! Uh....you gotta sign in....

                              That was simple.

                              Thanks to both.