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    Gillyflower - DON'T TAKE ALL THIS SO SERIOUSLY. My making a big deal of this is mostly jest.

    And you've missed the point!

    Try this --



    There's not a cloud in the blue sky and the wind is at a standstill. There are no people on the deserted beach, or donkeys, or any little children waving. Above is a bare hill without any houses on it...


    There yet?

    What images came to mind? Writing of all kinds is about putting images and sounds in the reader's mind - if its 'clear blue sky' you don't say 'clouds' you say 'clear blue sky'.

    Think about the visuals you're using and don't give the opposite from what you intend.


    ... signing out of this topic... forever...


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      Re: !

      We DON'T see any pink elephants.


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        I read almost half of Does Anyone Here Remember when Hanz Gubenstein Invented Time Travel? And there are aspects I like and a lot I don't. I thought it was getting too complicated for it's own good along with silly character names such as Agent Ahgent. I think the title is funny and quirky but "Hanz?" It's Hans. Just like Adolph is "Adolf."


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          Are you sure there aren't any donkeys? I think it would read better with a couple donkeys.



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            Re: hmm...

            I think it would read better with a couple donkeys.
            If you choose to include an ass, here's some DoneDeal advice on it (hey, is there anything we don't cover?). :eek



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              Re: hmm...

              I got it and if the writer does that throughout the entire script it could be a problem but if he does it once or twice for some sort of style effect... no biggie.


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                Re: hmm...

                I see the way people act over the PGL contest as it goes on. Do people wind up taking anti-depressent pills and go t o long deep psychiatric therapy sessions after its all over? What will people do to fill the voide that the PGL contest left?

                Are they the pink elephants with green dots on them?


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                  Re: hmm...

                  "What are the genres of the six scripts?"

                  Augie - you can download them and find out.

                  An easier method might be to ask someone who's already downloaded them. Which, ironically enough, is exactly what I was doing.

                  Thanks for brainstorming the problem, though.


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                    Re: Easier

                    Easier for who lazy?

                    So somebody else has to work how they're gonna clasify those scripts and then type up a post --

                    Just so as you don't have to get off your forefinger and visit the site yourself.



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                      Re: Easier

                      No need for personal attacks.

                      Augie was merely asking those who have read the screenplays and identified the genres to clue him in as to what they were -- nothing lazy about it. It's like asking a friend about aspects of a movie he/she has seen to determine whether or not you'll see it.


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                        What Leech said --

                        -- and this: Augie may not be interested in reading the the PGL scripts, but as it was billed as a horror contest this time around, may merely be wondering what percentage of scripts were, in fact, horror.......


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                          Re: What Leech said --

                          Exactly. Thank you.


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                            read three ...

                            one of which was a horror (sixth street boyz), two were dramas (hanz and wildcard).

                            sixth street was about a gang whose members were vampires. read to me like an episode of buffy the vampire slayer, but without the wheedon wit. i could see it getting made, though, since teenagers might enjoy the story.

                            i've heard that the other three were all right, but i doubt i'll read them.


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                              Re: read three ...

                              two were dramas (hanz and wildcard)
                              Errr ... Hanz was a sci-fi/comedy.


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                                Re: hmm...

                                I wasn't very impressed with the finalists this year. The scripts were good, but not that impressive.