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    Has anyone entered the program before? What are they looking for in the bio section? How long and how detailed should it be?

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    I've entered before, and was a semi-finalist. Don't remember what I put in my bio, just that it was very short, and focused on my writing career aspirations.

    I expect what they're looking for in the bio is what YOU would say about yourself, so asking other people what to say probably won't help you. Don't overthink this stuff and try to second guess what will make them like you.

    As to how detailed -- definitely don't go overboard. They don't need to know about your 3rd grade epiphany when you decided you wanted to be a writer. They just want a little background on you, especially as pertains to your writing career. If you have something interesting and unique on your resume (other than, say, you used to be an axe murderer), you might put that in there to intrigue them and make them want to talk to you.

    But seriously -- don't sweat this. I'd guess getting in is mostly about your writing, and secondarily (but not inconsequentially) about whether you're someone they want to work with for a year. I would aim for sounding professional, committed, good-natured, and passionate about your writing.

    Good luck!



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      re: disney

      I was a finalist 2 years ago, and my bio was about - i kid you not - William Goldman. Actually, it was about how Goldman had an effect on my career choices. I don't know if it was any good, but I gather it was somewhat memorable based on some of the questions the judges asked.

      My advice is also not to sweat it, but to simply write about why you want to be a writer and what led you to this point.

      Again, don't sweat it. Concentrate on the script. Last year, the thread went on for 3 or 4 pages asking minute details about the bio and C.V. in the entries.


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        where does one find information on this? It sounds interesting.


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          There's also another thread going about this called "Fellowship Program."



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            Your application must be POSTMARKED no later than July 16, 2004. Applications postmarked prior to June 1, 2004 and/or later than July 16, 2004 will be returned unread and not considered.
            Anyone planning to submit? I'm in (not yet, but I will). Heck, no entry fee, and $50,000 fellowship. Sure, there'll be intensive interviews, background checks, cavity searches and whatnot. But otherwise, what have you got to lose?


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              TV scripts

              Do the spec scripts for TV have to be for shows owned by ABC/Walt Disney?


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                Re: TV scripts

                No, they don't. Nor do they have to be "Disneyesque" shows (family-friendly).

                "We will accept as a writing sample a full-length, half-hour or
                one-hour television script for a comedy or drama series that is currently being produced for network or cable."

                (Per the website, which answers just about any question you might have.)

                Best wishes,



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                  not so fine print:

                  Q: If I am selected as a Fellow, who owns the rights to the material that I create during the Fellowship Program?

                  A: Pursuant to the Fellowship Program contract that you must sign before entering the Fellowship Program, all material written by you during the term of the Fellowship Program will be owned by Disney and/or ABC.


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                    Re: not so fine print:

                    Just for argument's sake, then, if you were to write a script that lands a high six-figure deal, you see nothing of it beyond the $50,000 fellowship award (a sum which you get even if you produce drek during your fellowship period)?

                    Edited to add: Or maybe you'd never know it could've landed the high six, because it never gets shopped - it just sits with Disney. I suppose if you don't know what you lost, it's not so painful. And for the vast majority who would never have a prayer at selling for high six, the shot at working with and for ABC/Disney is still a supremely unique opportunity that shouldn't be passed up. Ya think?


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                      Re: not so fine print:

                      If you were selected to be a fellow, I would think that the projects you worked on would be similar to assignment work. If that's true- you are contributing to ideas and stories they already have rights to.

                      If I'm wrong- they are paying unsold writers 50k to continue writing specs they had previously been writing for free, in the hopes that maybe they can mine a diamond once a year.

                      ...the Fellowship is a full-time position with expected one year duration; however employment is on an "at will" basis. You will be required to sign a Fellowship Program contract regarding these and other matters.
                      If you don't live in LA, that would be the scary part to me. My understanding is "at will" means they can end your fellowship whenever they want to. Moving to LA as a fellow is one thing but being told 2 months down the road "you're out" would be a nightmare.


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                        Re: not so fine print:

                        Unless the checks are paid in installments I'm okay with it because if they did kick you out in 2 months, wouldn't you be 50,000 richer... Wait, you'd be living in L.A. for 2 months. Wouldn't you be 17,000 richer?

                        Always putting it out there for everyone to see!!!


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                          Re: not so fine print:

                          The "at will" clause isn't something to worry about. It merely allows them to fire you from the program for cause - violating the rules of the program or general rules of workplace behavior.

                          Now if you show up blind drunk for a meeting with a Disney exec, strip naked, and then inform her that you hate writing and you "ain't writin' another ****in' word," steal a laptop,and grope the secretary on your way out, the good taskmasters of Mouseworld will keep the balance of the fifty grand and invite you to seek employment elsewhere. (It's not a lump sum payment. They pay either weekly or biweekly. It comes out to fifty grand for the year.)


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                            Re: not so fine print:

                            Now if you show up blind drunk for a meeting with a Disney exec, strip naked, and then inform her that you hate writing and you "ain't writin' another ****in' word," steal a laptop,and grope the secretary on your way out...
                            They'll say "good meeting, Mr. Ezsterhas."


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                              Re: not so fine print:

                              :rollin :rollin :rollin