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  • NikeeGoddess
    Guest replied
    i'm not endorsing but...

    unfair slamming....

    TOP 10 FINALISTS - i don't see any repeat names. your dude (or was it you; now with sour grapes) must have been in the bottom 20 finalists - well, they didn't publish the 11 - 20 finalist so what are you talking about?

    D.J. Richardson, CA
    "Do Not Remove" (Winner)

    Bob Bridges, CA
    "Holliday's Girl"

    Sam Nam, CA
    "The Straight and Narrow"

    Philippa Rizopoulos, NY
    "We Love Lucy"

    Nancy Pothier, CA
    "The Total Dummy's Guide to Marriage"

    Nisso Cohen, Israel

    Kris Moore, CA
    "The Nelson's"

    Penelope Karageorge, NY
    "The Neon Jungle"

    Michael Raymond, WA
    "The Passage"

    Robin Brown, CA

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  • rurals
    Guest replied
    the final draft contest is a mess

    there's really no merit in entering it... last year some guy's 6 screenplays made the top 20. They're a bumbling mess... doesn't mean there aren't contacts 'behind' the contest, just that you can't expect anything but a slippery slope with these people.

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  • Greta123
    Guest replied
    Final Draft


    It might be a simple administration snafu - meaning they may only send out the postcards to everyone after the deadline. Not having cashed your check is more of an issue - but they may process them all at once after the deadline as well. I understand your concern and in the future you may want to use delivery confirmation as your proof you sent it in. It costs about 45 cents at the post office and gives you proof of postmark.

    You may want to try calling Final Draft and seeing if they want you to resend the script before the deadline. This contest prefers people to e-mail their scripts in .FDR or .PDF format - avoiding the whole damn snail mail issue. If you can't or are unwilling to resend your script by computer - use delivery confirmation now.



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  • Clockwork Grape
    Guest replied
    Still nothing...

    Okay... Still nothing. It's a week before the deadline. This makes me a little nervous at this point. I don't want the deadline passing and learning that my script (and $50.00 check) got lost in the mail. I've tried to contact them through e-mail, but no response after three days.

    Anyone else out there enter Final Draft Big Break? If so, have you recieved your confirmation postcard? Please let me know.


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  • REFreak
    Guest replied
    The deadline isn't until the 30th, so they probably won't start doing any of that stuff until then.

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  • Clockwork Grape
    Guest started a topic Final Draft Big Break 2004

    Final Draft Big Break 2004

    Did anyone else enter this one? If so, have you recieved confirmation?

    I sent it off six weeks ago... They still have not returned my confirmation postcard or cashed the check that I sent.

    It's either been lost in the mail or is sitting in some room with thousands of other scripts awaiting readers to be hired. hmm...

    Good luck to all who entered.