Wondering how to find out if a contest is legit



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  • Wondering how to find out if a contest is legit

    It's here: www.comedyscreenplaycompetition.com/

    I was wondering how I'd find out if this was legit, or if anyone knews.


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    Wondering how to find out if a contest is legit

    How do you mean legit?

    I suppose an illegitimate competition is one where somebody's buddy/invented name gets the prize.

    There's a lot out there that are 'legit' but poor value - measure the prize amount divided by entry fee, consider how much $45 is worth to you, throw in a figure for possible entry numbers - and reach a judgement who's benefitting by this - you or them. Most competitions are CLEARLY money making businesses.

    I only enter the Nicholl.

    Read the bit where they are saying they accept no confidentiality re your script and the heavy stuff about if they steal your script you can't sue them - carefully.

    Do you really want to abandon your copyright for a one-in-many-dice-chance of $1000 at a cost of $45? Your decision - no-one can tell you that.


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      most you can find

      go here: www.moviebytes.com


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        www.moviebytes.com is perfect for these questions. They have entrants rate their experience, and then comment on the contests. you can find a lot from that site as far as contests go.


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          If a contest blatantly disregards its own rules, it's probably not legit.