UCLA extension vs. Gotham?



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  • UCLA extension vs. Gotham?

    Has anyone taken an online course at either or both programs? Any feedback?


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    Re: UCLA extension vs. Gotham?

    Hi Dexter! I have taken online courses from UCLA extension - years ago - and I thought it was terrific. I liked it so much I later went on to take several weekend intensives and attended the annual Writers Studio a few times; the UCLA extension writers program is absolutely top notch in my experience. I have not heard very glowing assessments about Gotham's classes but that might be a regional bias. But I can personally vouch for the quality of UCLA extension - great teaching staff, great classes.

    In one instance, I took their online Writing the Short Story class and got the story I worked on in the class published shortly thereafter. I have taken "on the ground classes" at UCLA from Stephen Mazur, Billy Mernitt and Steve Wolfson - just to name a few - the staff is outrageously good.

    Julie Gray