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  • What's with the Chesterfield?

    Still no entry deadline?

    What gives?

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    Go Robot, you're not the only one wondering. I check every day and it's the same old movie posters they had last year.


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      Last week I emailed them about the deadline and have not had any response.


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        The Chesterfield Writer's Film Project competition is on hiatus. We are considering a fall deadline, and in any event we will have an application period of at least 12 weeks between the announcement and the deadline.

        In the meantime, we are busy running our workshop with the six current fellows (please see chesterfield-co.com/html/...hop.html).

        Please feel free to email us with any questions, either at [email protected] or directly to me at [email protected].

        Wishing all of you much success with your writing,

        Ed Rugoff
        Chesterfield Writer's Film Project


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          Wow. That really stinks. I was looking forward to entering. A fall deadline is way way far away.


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            Kind of nice to have the biggies spread out a little. :smokin


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              I've also been checking the website frequently, so I guess I can stop for the next little while.

              I was just going to submit the script that I used for my Nicholl entry, but now there's no excuse - I'll definitely have the time to finish what I'm currently writing, and I can submit both.

              I even ordered US postage from the USPS (for the postcard) since I'm entering from Canada.



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                i always seem to get first drafts done right before the nicholl and no way are they good enough to enter. this year was no exception, it's something about a deadline. so i think this is a great idea, because the nicholl winners don't have to decide between the two fellowships and the disney finalists already know by then. it gives everybody another shot at a great fellowship because i'm working on the polish this summer when i can take a breather, and fall will be the time it's ready.

                the only other even somewhat major contest with a fall deadline is zoetrope, and the chesterfield fellowship is a biggie. thanks for the info, ed, you just made my day.


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                  Thanks. Any time I can help make a writer's day, I'm happy.

                  In the meantime, for anyone with a screenplay ready to submit, I would also like to add that I am running the first annual Screenplay Showdown competition(www.nashscreen.com). The competition will select 6 winners in two categories, all-genre and music-themed. Winners will receive cash and prizes, and have their work considered by top agencies, literary managers and production companies. A formal announcement will be posted here soon.

                  The competition is sponsored by the Nashville Screenwriters Conference, a non-profit organization started by filmmakers Les Bohem and Karen Murphy in 1999. If you're anywhere near Nashville, I hope you'll attend the conference June 4-6.

                  Ed Rugoff