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  • Contests that allow adaptations

    I'm noticing a trend in both contests and fellowships - No one will let you submit material based on a short story, comic, etc. even if you have the rights or permission from the rights holder. The folks at the Disney Fellowship seem to be the most prickley about it but that doesn't surprise me.

    Anyone know of any contests/fellowships that would allow such a submission?


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    The reasons are two-fold. First, there's the gray area that even your e-mail seems to elude to: "rights or permission from the rights holder." There's really no OR. You would need the fully documented exclusive film rights for the property, which a lot of new writers entering contests don't properly get.

    More importantly, however, is the fact that by adapting another property, you are only doing half the work. Contests want to see original work so they can evaluate every aspect of the writer from conecpt to finished screenplay.


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      contests and adaptations

      many will let you enter an adaptation from your OWN work. so write a short story, get it published somewhere, and adapt it for the big screen. problem solved. hee, hee, hee