When do most contests start?



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  • When do most contests start?

    Is there a best time during the year for entering contests?

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    Go to moviebytes.com. You'll find long lists of contests and their deadlines, as well as ratings of them by entrants.


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      Yes, and that time is now. As Joan said, check moviebytes for exact dates, but the biggest contests have deadlines approximately as follows:

      The BIGGIES

      Nicholl (May 1)
      Austin (May 15)
      Sundance (early May)
      Chesterfield (June or July)
      Disney (June)

      Other Good Ones

      American Accolades (end Feb)
      Scriptapalooza (April 15)
      Slamdance (June or July)
      Fade In (Oct 31)

      These dates correspond to my recollection of the FINAL deadline for each. Many have earlier deadlines with a lower entry fee.


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        Also, the Expo 3 Screenplay Competition gives away twice as much in prizes as do "the other good ones" mentioned in the previous post.

        All 20 of the top writers will receive Final Draft, subscription to Creative Screenwriting, admittance into the Expo as well as detailed notes (up to 20 pages) from a list that includes some of the country's top consultants (Linda Seger, John Rainey, Michael Ray Brown...)

        Early deadline for discount: June 15
        Deadline: August 7