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  • Script PIMP competition

    deadline is May 1...anybody have any experience or thoughts about this contest?

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    My only experiance -

    - is that I lost last year.

    Other than that, they seem to have a lot of connections and some decent looking prizes -- between Script PIMP and Inktip announcements people will know you won (or were a finalist).

    They seem respected in the biz. Be interested in hearing if anyone has anything negative to say as I haven't heard anything....


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      My only complaint is that there's the 10 (or 20, I can't remember) finalists... and everyone else is lumped together as non-finalists.

      If I'm paying 40 or 50 bucks to enter a competition, I understand it's a long shot to win, but it's nice to able to walk away knowing I'm a semi-finalist, made it to the second-round, etc.

      Supposedly last year's winner sold for six figures, though.


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        Re: ...

        I'm going to enter this year.

        Has anyone subscribed to their database? Was it worth the money? I noticed you get a free entry with a five year subscription.


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          Re: ...

          Their database is pretty good, the listings for each company is a little more detailed than HCD.


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            I both entered and subscribed to the database

            You can query directly through the website for some companies. I am using it chiefly for compiling my list of companies to query by email & snail mail. So far I like the detail and the fact that you can put companies on a list of your favorites, so you can keep track of who you might be interested in.

            We'll see. I also paid for the five years. I figured it this way:
            If six months is $40
            And one entry is $40
            That's $80. (ah that college math comes in handy finally)

            I figured there was a good chance I might resubscribe, even if I had a rep, since new writers have to do alot of legwork the first years of their careers, and I could use it to research people I might pitch to, it was worth the extra $20 for five years and a free entry into the contest. And they have coupons for other discounts, like magazine subscriptions and supplies and other contests....


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              the database is definitely worth the money. and the hcd is so expensive. they let you know who will read new writers and what genre's they're looking for too.

              i have not taken full advantage of the membership yet but, since it last for 5 years then i still have 4 1/2 years of a good contact information to work with.

              they also have a list of companies who will read their "recommends" but, i you need to get script consulting from them to even be considered first.

              i guess i'll enter the contest.