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    In the past contests was there a point where all the scripts where open to reveiw? Perhaps at the top 100 phase?


    Also, my favorite title that I have seen so far is "Life Imitates Arturo" has anybody read it? Was it good?

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    During the first contest, ALL the scripts were posted. As scripts made "the cut", they would be marked as so.

    Don't know how it worked last year. I heard a lot about "excessive pimping" of BATTLE OF SHAKER HEIGHTS, so maybe that's why the scripts aren't available this year. Just a guess.


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      I think --

      They posted the top fifty, then ten. I'm not sure if I remember right.... since it's offline after the first 1000 this year, I wonder how it will keep updated. Especially since there seem to be no boards.....


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        Re: I think --

        ARe you sure you don't mean "Excessive slamming" instead of excessive pimping?

        After they declare a winner, we all usually read then review the script. I found out that some of our comments were taken seriously. I told them that war re-enactments weren't like paintball, it was this huge thing and everyone eats afterwards, there's usually a huge picnic and such and that was changed.


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          Re: I think --

          I found out that some of our comments were taken seriously.
          Damn, I never would have made that joke about cutting out all the drama and making BOSH a teen comedy, if I had known they were listening.


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            Re: I think --

            I bet they can't wait for the "Uhuru Review" of their next winning script. Dang, when I do coverage, I do COVERAGE, baby!


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              Hey Old Schoolers,

              speaking of the old PGL Boards.. (I know nobody was speaking of them)

              Does anyone remember when someone came in and asked us if it would be more effective to burn up a dog, rather than a cat for dramatic effect?

              Do you remember that thread? I only went in that thread because I got it mixed up with the Butterfly Dance Dude, and apparently the thread was about "Butterfly Effect".

              Way, way into last year, way, way before BE was made.

              I can't remember the username, but I wondered if you guys remembered a username called "Eric Bress" or "MackeyeGruber".


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                Butterfly Effect was a PGL script? That explains a lot.


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                  Vaguely remember the thread -

                  - but sorry, don't remember either of the names you mentioned, muse. Sorry.


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                    Re: Vaguely remember the thread -

                    In PGL2, they posted the Top 250 scripts and you could access them. Then the Top 50, then Top 10, then it went offline. But you could access all of those scripts for a few months.

                    Same with the director videos.

                    I remember Kyle and Efram were getting the biggest buzz on the boards for their video, where they "killed" a dog and were known for awhile as the "dog killers."

                    Before it won, BOSH was pretty universally praised. After it won, it was universally trashed. Go figure.


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                      I'm gonna go out on a limb ---

                      I think they won't allow access to the scripts this time out until it's all over -- if ever. As catz pointed out, BOSH went from beloved to belittled quickly and while I had issues with the script, things could get harsher than was necessary.

                      I think they will try to make sure this all stays more positive than last time - or at least how they feel last time went. Now, whether that would work or not........?

                      Just my gut feeling......


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                        Re: Vaguely remember the thread -

                        As they say, time passes, memories fade so I could be wrong but I don't recall BOSH being praised by everyone prior to winning. I think it got a mixed reaction from the get go. I do agree that after it won it really did get trashed although some people had some very valid comments.

                        I also recall that the director team's video got lots of reactions, but the consensus was that the other two were better. I thought their scene was the weakest, but it had the most humor and maybe that's why they won.



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                          Re: Vaguely remember the thread -

                          They also might want to keep people from being able to read the other scripts and draw comparissons to the winner. Try to get everybody together behind the winning script.



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                            Re: The Top 10 Screenplays

                            You may still download the scripts from last year at this addy,8043,CAT-523^EID-520^KW-Top_10_Screenplays,00.html?.

                            Unfortunately you can not see their videos. All the media has been removed. Does anybody know of any other place to down the video clips?