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  • UCLA Professional Program?

    I've applied for their screenwriting program.

    I just was wondering if anyone has done this? Is it hard to get into? How many people have applied to it and got in, or didn't?

    I'm attracted to this because of the potential feedback and support from the MFA faculty in the workshops. I'd just like to know other individual's thoughts on this program.

    Is it worth relocating for? Blah blah. All that jazz.

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    Re: UCLA Professional Program?

    I was in the UCLA Advanced Screenwriting Program. I guess a few hundred or so applied, I dont remember the exact number of applicants. Anyway, I think about twenty of us made it in. I eventually had to drop out because I took on a writing assignment. The course was great and I recommend it for sure. You end up writing a complete script from start to finish and have solid critique/guidance along the way. Solid lectures too.

    Good luck.