So whomever is looking for REAL reviews check in here...



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  • So whomever is looking for REAL reviews check in here...

    Okay so I don't know whether its Whoever or Whomever but that still doesnt stop me from giving a good review.

    Now that PGL3v1.0 is complete and we realize what we all knew in advance, the reviews are generally worthless. Even those who wanted to give reviews were cut off by the 2000 characters. As soon as that happened to me I realized I was putting in far too much effort.

    I see reviews giving in different ways.
    1. You want a simple comprehensive spelling/wrong word/adverb/grammar/format type review. Sometimes you can't see these in your own SP know matter how close you look...and besides who can keep looking that close at their words over and over again. I got a beautiful 'editorial' review from someone recently.

    2. You want someone to seriously dissect your story. Forget the spelling errors and such and just soak the story in. Let it set for a day while the plot holes slowly (or quickly) emerge. What things really didn't make sense or just need clarifying. What actions were just plain out of character. How could some character be more developed. Some thoughts on pulling the story together. What scenes are not necessary for the story. What scenes could be added. I find it amazing how difficult it is to get your SP in top form with everything pulling together. It's difficult to realize the shortcomings without a distant eye looking at it, actually many eyes, many reviews, POV's.

    3. On writing better. Helping to spot and remove those 'On the Nose' dialogs and when characters speak 'woodenly' at points. Trimming, compacting descriptions and letting an characters actions describe the scene. Pointing out talking heads.

    4. The kudos review. You already know it is great since it made quarter finals in something so I will just tell you its a great job and point out a wrong tense of verb or something.

    Of course reviews need to be positive. Even bad SP's can be turned 'good' with the proper care. If one points out the bad he must also point out how to make it better...with an idea or two. And never, NEVER say 'Ive read worse'...I had someone say that and I could only wonder what positive effect that was supposed to have on me.

    Well, since it's too late to cut to the chase...


    Let get trading, helping each other. I will have a chance Monday to review someone's. I dont even need to swap yet. I am trying to get through some changes on my SP to clarify things.

    So if you are interested, list your title and logline and begin to HELP EACH OTHER!