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  • Perfect 12's??

    I just gotta ask: how many of you received a review that was scored 12's across the board?

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    I gave one script all 12s. It was technically flawless. The story held water, the dialogue was tight, and the characters were recognizable without being cliche.
    Reflecting back on that script now, I still think that it's great writing, and would make an entertaining movie, but I also think that it may be just a touch sterile. Like, it would make a good movie, but not the sort of thing that people are going to remember for a long time.
    Well, that being said, it was still the best all around PGL 3 script that I read. By a long shot.


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      I got 2 perfect 12s out of 7 reviews. Neither counted. (One dropped as high score, one was the last review in)

      The second one offered no comments, so I consider it totally bogus. The other was nice, but candidly, it was wrong. I like my script, but it is not perfect.


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        Perfect 12s

        Agree with the dude. Not just about his script. On Zoe Francis Ford Coppola said he's never given any script a perfect score. He's also never given one the worst possible score. (His scoring system is up to 10). If it's good enough for FFC, it's good enough for me. I've never given a perfect score on Zoe or on PGL. There is always improvement possible. And that includes produced screenplays as well. I've given some near perfect ones. On TS, I've nearly given some, but the scoring there is a little different. Not as much leeway. One reviewer on PGL said my screenplay was the best unproduced screenplay he/she had ever read. That reviewer gave 10s across the board. I think that's about right for the best you've read. That's what I gave the best PGLer I read also. But I don't think it even made the cut.