Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting Awards (odd fine print)



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  • Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting Awards (odd fine print)

    I was pondering the possibility of entering this contest and then noticed this little disclaimer:
    "In the event of any sale or option of your screenplay or teleplay that is due to the ongoing promotional efforts, direct or indirect, by and/or FilmMakers Magazine, 7% (seven percent) of that amount will be paid by the purchaser or you, the author, to (contract value, sale or option under $3000 will be exempt)."

    My instincts tell me to shine it and save my energy for watching incoming mail from the likes of Nicholl and Austin. Or am I being overly sensitive here?

    I mean, I've gotten de-sensitized to some of these contests (like this one) operating as a pseudo-prod co and using a contest (and entry fees) to trawl for new material, but I never noticed something like this before. So if I get an option or a sale by someone who says casually, "I noticed you really tore it up in that prestigious Filmmakers contest," do I have this outfit and their lawyers chasing me for a 7% cut?

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    Re: Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting Awards (odd fine print)

    Good question. I have no idea but would be keen to hear from others better placed to answer this. Any equivalents in other contests, for example?

    My first feeling, though, is to steer clear. What's the deadline?