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    re: think about it


    What was that script about? Just trying to imagine the whole character seeming what he isn't, what context you're in, and all. Thanks.


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      Should it be multiple choice next time?

      I remember vividly a set of T/F questions for a script I reviewed during PGL2.

      First, the scripts I was assigned at the time were mostly teen sex/webcams/whorehouses and strip clubs. One was a "Dog Day Afternoon" in the first act only to drop it for a story on escort services.

      But this one I loathed. It was about a guy's sexual conquests. The female characters were "the home depot girl" "the Wal-Mart girl" and the "Burger King Girl". Very sexist, very cardboard. Bad grammar, spelling errors, OTN, you name it, it was there...including my pet peeve, symbols for dialog (including the infamous $ sign.)

      In any case, you know the writer was a jerk due to his T/F questions. I don't know if this goof has returned, but it would not shock or surprise me if he is the "chicken and egg" person so thoughtfully remembered in this thread. Anyway, now and then a PGL reader will see T/F questions that tick him/her off.

      But the questions from PGL2 are classic. You might have a painful memory of them:

      1. This is the funniest script you ever read.

      2. You would pay to see this movie.

      3. I'm a better writer than you are.

      4. In fact you outright stink.

      5. You would tell your friends about the movie.

      6. You laughed your butt off from start to finish.

      7. The writer of this script will win.

      ---Now, since the script PDF was 'readable' (meaning something other than sloppy writing) I didn't report this clown (his script is D.O.A. it didn't matter.) Guess what all the 'right answers' were that you had to answer? All true. In my comments to this fool two years ago I said his questions could make the reader bias against his unfunny script.

      This year, the questions were better (for me) but I noted that some T/F questions were taken from forced expostion or tell not show (I'm sure you have seen those yes?) and one question was "So and so is an alcoholic". That question seems legit but in the script, said character is trying to quit drinking an attending AA. Her husband just happens to pull out a half empty* bottle of Jack Daniels. Now, aside from the fact that if I were a recovering addict and the last thing I would want in the cupboard is the very thing that contributes to the downfall, is that when one attends AA or other self help groups they have to admit they are an addict. The correct answer was false. She is not an alcoholic.

      I think it is possible in some cases the T/F questions asked either shows me a) that the writer does not know the story they wrote or b) they changed something and forgot about it or c) there is information in the script that contradicts it/has other interpetations.

      I think should there be a PGL4 (which will only happen if LP doesn't treat this like other reality shows and lets the writer write and the director direct and not manipulate people or manufacture events) the questions should be multiple choice or better yet, fill in the blank.

      *one question for a different script also concerns a a glass of wine. Here is the T/F question:
      Jim's glass of wine: Is it half empty or half full?