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    Has anyone ever done the UCLA extension courses for screenwriting? It looks like a decent program taught by people who are actually in the business. I was just wondering if anyone had attended these classes and if they found them productive.

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    They can be great, they can be awful.

    It's luck of the draw.


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      UCLA Extension

      Do you mean the Extension courses or the Professional Program (which is actually run by the graduate screenwriting program rather than the Extension department.) If the PP, it is turning into the farm team for the MFA. In recent years, as many as 16 of the 22 people admitted to the MFA had first gone through the PP.



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        I took one last year with Chris Ruppenthal (TV drama). He was terrific. It was a small class (limited to 15, but only about 8 ended up in there), which was great. I do think it probably depends a lot on the instructor, and that's hard to judge beforehand. (I'd recommend Chris, though!)

        One thing I suggested to UCLA was that they be more clear about the levels of their classes and more careful about assigning people appropriately. There were a few beginners in my Intermediate class, which slowed things down a bit. I enjoyed working with them and it didn't ruin the class for me, there were just some things I felt they should have known that they didn't.

        I also met some folks with whom I'm still in contact. One of the less-discussed benefits of classes is meeting other people who are at the same place you are and interested in the same things. These people can become friends, collaborators, colleagues, contacts, readers, etc. Worth the cost of admission, IMHO!




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          I took the summer UCLA Professional Program and thought it was well worth the $.


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            UCLA instructors

            As far as knowing and teaching craft, it can be very valuable, particularly in learning "script speak" terminology used by readers and industry pros.

            Having said that, it won't replace the natural talent and extremely hard work required to produce marketable scripts.

            I would use the classes as a method of extending your knowledge and discipline, not view it as a vehicle for success.

            Success is where ass meets chair for long periods of time.


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              consider yourself lucky...

              I took the NYU "Advanced" course over here on the EC and was in there with more first-time writing "attempts" than in the DD script pages section.