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  • Affirmative Action / Diversity Programs

    Hi there...

    I'm doing a little research and was wondering if anyone out there might be able to help. Here's what I'm looking for:

    What are the various diversity programs (especially TV, but any will do) that focus on helping minority writers break into the biz?

    Any idea what the ethnic breakdown is for the people accepted to these programs?

    How about for programs that aren't specifically designed as diversity programs (i.e. WB Writers Workshops, Disney Fellowship, etc.)?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance...


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    Fox Writer's Initiative.
    CBS Writer's Mentoring Program.
    Warner Brother's Writer's Workshop.
    Disney Fellowship.
    WGA Trainee Program

    I don't know of any TV related programs that aren't diversity focused.

    I also don't know the ethnic breakdowns of those allowed into the program.

    I actually don't know a lot.



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      Thank you for the info -- it's a great help.



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        Fox Diversity Program

        Here's one I recently wrote a letter of recommendation for...

        Best of luck.

        It helps if I include the link:


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          Re: Fox Diversity Program

          Last time I sent in any material, I don't recall my photo being requested in order to prove my ability to write.

          Gee...anyone have any links to companies accepting submissions for those of us with endocrine disorders?


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            Cepita- All the programs above that Boobsie listed are open to anybody who wants to apply. Certain programs are intended to encourage diversity, but none of them are limited only to minorities.

            Your political indignation isn't warranted in this case.


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              Just as an FYI, I visited the Fox site today, and they've extended their deadline for this year. Was 3/15, now 4/15.

              Disney usually accepts entries for about 3 weeks in June.

              Warner Bros deadline usually late summer. CBS fall.



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                Holy crap. Thanks for the update on the Fox program, T Zeigler.

                The pushed back date is good news for us procrastinators who're still tweaking... alright, WRITING... our entry samples.


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                  The script must be read and evaluated by an individual with considerable industry experience (e.g. a writer that is currently working on a TV show {producer or above}, a television or film creative executive, writing professor, a community entertainment group, a national media coalition group).
                  The evaluator is to write a letter of recommendation on the letterhead of the company or school with which (s)/he is affiliated. Contact information must appear on the letter. The letter must state the following:
                  1. The name, title, telephone number and email address of the evaluator;
                  2. His or her qualifications as a reader and evaluator;
                  3. That he or she has read the script which was submitted and determined it to have the elements of a well-developed, professional television spec script; and
                  4. The evaluator must sign evaluation letter.

                  This seems like an important step in the Fox program. Any suggestions on getting someone with "considerable" industry experience to not only read, but write a recommendation?


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                    i made it into the fox writer's program...last year, i used my english teacher to write me the recommendation, and it worked i guess... i wouldn't worry too much about a recommendation, as long as they deal with writing


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                      Hey, Dog. Care to share a little about your experience with the program? I know one person who's done it and is now a writers asst on a Fox series, but I don't know a whole lot about how their program works. It's not full-time, correct?

                      Actually, I'd welcome comments from anyone who's participated in any of these programs. Was it what you expected? Better? Worse? What did you learn?




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                        ive said this a few times in posts before, but so far the fox program isn't up to the standards of abc/disney or wb/or probably even cbs... ur friend was probably in the 02' program, right?... anyway, the program is basically them putting u through a 5-6week class(once a week) then you write your new specs and wait for them to read it... we're still waiting on them to read our specs that we wrote last summer, so i'm guessing we're just waiting for tv season to pick up next month... ive heard some people who got staffed or became WA's getting staffed a year later, so if i'm lucky enough to get on somewhere, it'll likely be for a series this upcoming fall or next spring... who knows, im still young and sexy, so it doesn't matter to me, later


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                          Did you get any agency interest out of being in the program?

                          Didn't I read that the "class" is Writer's Bootcamp? How was it? Do you feel that you've written a great script just from being in that class? And are you shopping that script around?

                          Details, man! Details!