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  • Latest News from the PAGE Awards

    "The PAGE win has brought people to me like I've never experienced in all the years that I've been writing. It's opened doors that I would never have been able to open on my own.-
    Larry Postel
    Dallas, Texas

    "Entering your contest was one of the best decisions I made last year for my career.-
    Brad Campbell
    Fairview, North Carolina

    "You guys have been amazing! I would advise any aspiring screenwriter: This is the one screenwriting contest you MUST enter!-
    Alexandra McCabe
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    The 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

    Now in its fourth year, the PAGE Awards competition has rapidly become one of the most important sources for new screenwriting talent within the Hollywood community and worldwide. Since receiving their awards, many of our winning writers have landed script assignments, secured representation, and signed option agreements on their work -- and several now have movies in various stages of production and release.

    Among our most recent success stories:

    The 2004 Gold Prize-winning short film ABSOLUTE ZERO, by Aussie screenwriter Alan Woodruff, continues making its mark on the international film festival circuit. Thus far, the movie has screened at twenty-five festivals, winning a total of four awards and a director's citation.

    Keith Ray Putman's 2005 Gold Prize-winning script SILO 13 has now been optioned by Kerner Productions, an arm of Kerner Optical, LLC. The company plans to shoot the movie as a 3-D feature film.

    The 2005 Bronze Prize-winning drama CORONADO, by U.K. scribe Dylan Costello, has been optioned by one of the PAGE Awards judges. The film is now in pre-production, with Anne Goursaud attached to direct.

    The new horror flick LEFT IN DARKNESS, by 2005 Bronze Prize winner Philip Daay, aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in November and is now out on DVD. Philip has also sold an option on his latest horror spec to Eduardo Sanchez, Greg Hale and Matt Compton, three of the creators of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

    And since the 2006 PAGE Awards were announced, several of our winning screenwriters have acquired representation. Grand Prize winner Scott LaCagnin is now repped by Al Choi at Cavaleri & Associates; Gold Prize winner Tucker Parsons is repped by Ensemble Entertainment; Silver Prize winner Davah Avena has signed with the Kaplan, Stahler, Gumer, Braun Agency; Silver Prize winner Christian Parkes has signed with Jeff Belkin of Foremost Films; and Gold Prize winner David Bertoni has signed with AEI. David writes:

    "Let me be blunt: I've won other contests. PAGE has, by far, generated the most requests for my script. Unbelievably so. Including people who never responded to query letters for the same screenplay. A few weeks after the awards were announced I had several companies who wanted to represent me, which, while an enviable position, presents a set of new questions and concerns that I never believed I'd face. But I'm now happily working with my new managers, Atchity Entertainment International."

    This year, the PAGE judges will once again present awards to 28 screenwriters in nine different categories. The winning writers will receive over $25,000 in cash and prizes, along with extensive publicity and industry exposure.

    Are you our next Award-Winning Screenwriter??


    Enter online at:

    Jennifer Berg
    Administrative Director
    The 2007 PAGE International
    Screenwriting Awards

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    Re: Latest News from the PAGE Awards

    Is there a discount for Done Deal members Jennifer?



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      Re: Latest News from the PAGE Awards

      Hi, EJ,

      We're not offering a DD discount at this point, since it's so late in the season and so many DD writers have already entered, but we will certainly consider it for next year.

      Previous contestants do receive a $5 discount though. So if you've entered the PAGE Awards in the past and you need a reminder of your Promo Code, please shoot me an e-mail with your name and the title of your past entry, and I'll send you a code number you can use to receive this discount. My direct e-mail address is: [email protected].

      My best regards to all of you! I know how tough it is trying to break into this business, and I really admire your dedication and hard work.



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        Re: Latest News from the PAGE Awards

        Thanks for the reply.