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  • Another PGL3 question

    This is probably a stupid question and I'm gonna get grief for asking, important are page numbers? I'm asking because when I converted my screenplay to PDF format last night, the page numbers got all screwed up (meaning the page 2 is like 6 lines down from the 3 is 10 lines down...and so on).

    I type my screenplays out on MS works (cause it came with my computer and I can't afford formatting software at this time). Then I saved it as a rtf file. And then I converted it to pdf. I wasted most of my free conversions last night trying to figure out how to fix it. It looks horrible and unprofessional. I only have one conversion left. So my question is, should I just take out the page numbers and hope that my screenplay doesn't get looked down on because of it?

    Btw, would anyone happen to know what I did wrong and how I can fix the page numbers?


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    "I wasted most of my free conversions . . . trying to figure out how to fix it."

    Time for a new Adobe user ID.

    Are you typing the pages numbers in MS Works (unlikely) or letting Works add them? If you type them yourself, they'll probably look better in PDF.


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      Yes, page numbers are important. Not everyone will read off the computer. If someone prints your script, drops it and can't put it back in order, you've got a problem.

      The MSWord/RTF/Converter process has been an issue since year one.

      It could be anything. Control characters (MSWord formatting that didn't get stripped when you saved to rtf), or possibly you have blank spaces at the ends of sentences and/or paragraphs that you wouldn't notice with the naked eye.

      In MSWord you can turn on the paragraph marks and see where they might be. Go into tools/options and under formatting marks select all. At that point you can scan your document for anything that looks funky, and remove it.

      But before you convert to .rtf and do the web site conversion thingie, and maybe waste your "last freebie", go into MSWord, with that original document open, click file/print. And then look under the printer section, and the name pulldown menu. Do you see "Acrobat Distiller"? If so, you can make the pdf on your machine without the need of that stupid a** website. Just select this option and it will print to pdf file (it will prompt for a place to save it and file name).

      BTW - these instructions go for everyone. But if you don't have "Acrobat Distiller" you can't make your own PDF in MSWord. Where do you get it? If you install Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader), it automatically gives you the MSWord plug-in. I am not sure if MSWord comes with it these days.


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        Thank for the help. It's still not working. This is so frustrating!! I think the problem might be that it's MS Works, not MS Word. Apparently, I'm the only freak in the world that uses MSWorks.

        Btw, to answer your question, I always put the page numbers in manually instead of letting the program do it.

        Another thing I don't screenplay is 113 pages long, but when I convert it to pdf, it becomes 123 pages. So even if I did get the page numbers in the right place, it would still be off somehow. I guess this is all too technical for me.


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          What I really need to do is edit it once it's in PDF and add in the page numbers. Is there any way to do this?


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            MSWorks is just an earlier version of MSWord. And the current version of Works actually integrates easily with MSOffice (Word, Excel, etc.)

            Have Works add the page numbers. It can do that you know. Just add the page numbers as a header to the far right top of the page. I couldn't tell you where to click to find that, but if you go into the help section of Works it will no doubt have the steps for that process in detail.

            As far as the page count... again, this is what happens when you export to rtf. There is really no way around it because unlike transferring straight to pdf you're not making a copy of your original document, you're making a copy of a copy with different formatting. In other words even if the Works document has (for example) 100 pages, the rtf will have something different because of changes with margins, fonts, etc. etc. that happen when you send it from the one format to the other.

            No, you cannot add anything to a PDF unless you have Adobe Acrobat, and if this was the case then you wouldn't need the web site, because you'd have/use the distiller and none of these problems would even exist for ya.