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  • FYI-- PGL numbers

    For all those interested, it appears that, if the PGL numbers are assigned in order of entry, that PGL is up to approximately 4000 entries.

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    FYI-- PGL numbers

    Excellent numbers.

    And still about ten more days to go, right?


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      One thing someone on another board pointed out is that if you go into the entry screen and leave, or refresh and start over, the number goes up by one, and the previous number is voided.

      If someone enters and changes their mind or just doesn't pay that number is voided.

      So it might not be quite as high as we think. I believe that is what accounted for the wide discrepancy in what people were reporting on the PGL boards, and the ultimate end number announced for last year's contest.


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        What other screenwriting board? Just curious b/c I love dishing about PGL, and that topic seems relatively low-key on this board.


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          pgl count

          not only that, you peeps are assuming they started the counting with number 1


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            That would be Uhuru's board.


            It is mostly old PGLers, so yeah it'd be the place to dish.


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              Last Night...

              I'm the one who was posting about the refreshes making the screenplay ID count increase by 1.


              My first screenplay entry number was ~650 on the second day or so of the contest, so I'm sure they started at 1.

              Also, last night, I tried to enter a second screenplay (~4000). Whenever I'd reach the payment page, I would get an error, and it wouldn't let me continue. (Unlike the first time I tried, where I had no problem.) So for at least several hours last night, everyone who tried to enter a screenplay (I assume) was also denied completion of the registration process. Even though we didn't get entered into the contest, each time this happened, the screenplay ID count increased by 1.

              I have no clue what percentage of the 4000 or so "entries" are bogus, but I have no doubt that a significant number are. Hopefully 3000. :-P


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                Re: Last Night...

                I logged at least one (I was testing to see exactly how far I could get through the process with the firewall up... the answer was nowhere).


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                  Re: Last Night...

                  Dog Stalker: did you end up getting your second screenplay entered?


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                    Re: Last Night...

                    They keep sending me e-mails reminding me of the contest.

                    I don't know that they got that many scripts, but I'm not here wishing that they fail.

                    I wish PGL success. I always will. I just didn't like being surprised at the last minute with genre, when I could have had months to write something specific and many more people would have entered if they did that.

                    This seems to be a humongous learning curve for PGL and they seem to be learning more and more each time and making sound improvements.

                    I have a pgl hat.


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                      Re: Last Night...

                      I don't think they INTENDED to do a surprise reveal with the genre thing.

                      It appears to me, looking at the timeline;

                      - "BOSH" essentially tanked
                      - A little time passed; the dust settled; the HBO suits had meetings behind the scenes
                      - HBO dumped the show
                      - The Miramax/Liveplanet/PGL suits had meetings behind the scenes; time passed
                      - Bravo suits got pitched to; had meetings;time passed; they picked up the show
                      - More meetings, and the HP sponsor signed on

                      Then somewhere along the line, instead of waiting another year to start again (which would have happened, same as before if HBO had been behind the show) they decided to start right away.

                      That left little time for anyone. We all know that when the rules on the web site were finally posted they still said "HBO" and not "Bravo".

                      But if given the choice I'd rather they started quickly rather than dragging it out till 2005.


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                        Re: Last Night...

                        But if given the choice I'd rather they started quickly rather than dragging it out till 2005.
                        This is a great point for all the "genre bashers" to mull over, and I don't see the downside to having a 2004 PGL contest with qualifiers, if the alternative is no contest at all.


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                          Re: Last Night...

                          It's clearly written that scripts in other genres are allowed. If you have a KICK-ASS script in ANY genre, submit it!

                          What are the odds that PGL is going to find a gem horror flick that appeals to a PG-13 audience that can be made for less than a mill?

                          I think the odds are greater that a gem in another genre will make it's way to the top.

                          As a reviewer and NOT an entrant, I will be looking at the BIG picture (pun intended) and will NOT tank a good script no matter the genre. On the flip side, I will QUICKLY tank a [email protected]#%$ horror/thriller.

                          Perhaps there's a hidden agenda here guys . . . don't shoot yourself in the foot!

                          Again, it's clearly written that scripts in other genres are allowed. If you have a KICK-ASS script in ANY genre, submit it!



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                            Re: Last Night...

                            Even if a script is not selected as THE winner, with the next round at 1,000 and more knowledgeable readers doing the selecting, does anyone think there is a better chance of having their script exposed to the "right" people (i.e. some higher-up)?

                            I ask because apparently, Miramax does delve into the PGL "slush pile" looking for good scripts - the sale of Matt Burch's "The Upgrade" from PGL 1 was announced on the misc.writing.screenplays newsgroup before the 250 cut had even been announced in that contest.

                            So maybe entering PGL 3 is worth it just for the slight chance that somebody who could push it along might actually read it???


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                              I don't see a problem with the single-genre thing. Most scripts submitted to PGL are teen angst/buddy/college/road trip/rock band comdies with no plot. How hard coud it be to add vampires?