Paying to Pitch (at Pitchfest American Pitchfest, etc.)



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  • Paying to Pitch (at Pitchfest American Pitchfest, etc.)

    I'm leery about paying for this especially after the CS Expo where fellow scribes' dreams were being catered to with little more than a smiling face. Naturally I didn''t expect to everyone come out of there with a sale but the whole affair seemed to carry an air of chi-ching.


    Anyone else have luck paying?

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    re: Paying to Pitch (at Pitchfest American Pitchfest, etc.)

    ReRight, this has been debated at length in earlier threads. Try searching past topics, you;ll probably find it.

    FYI - I agree with you, but others tend to see some kind of value in these things. Go figure.


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      ditto, BUT

      All I will say is that you MUST learn to pitch your material in a concise, professional manner that will garner you a read of your material until you have obtained quality representation, and then you will have to develop and pitch your stories even more.

      Everybody spends money in different places to get access to what they need, or at least think they need to further their career.

      Only you can perform due diligence and make those decisions.

      My understanding was the companies receive nothing in compensation, but in fact (1) give their people a chance to learn to LISTEN to pitches, and (2) genuinely are looking for quality material to use and will ask for it.....apparently many did at the last Expo from several people I talked to.

      You are in luck. Join and you can get access to quality information concerning writing and pitching free of charge.