Naked In Los Angeles? (Martell's Nov 1 & 2 class)



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  • Naked In Los Angeles? (Martell's Nov 1 & 2 class)

    I'll be doing my NAKED SCREENWRITING class in Los Angeles November 1 & 2 (2003) at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn (Studio City) 4222 Vineland Ave - two blocks North of Ventura.

    I'm calling it Script Secrets this time around.

    There are still seats left!

    DONE DEAL SPECIAL - $150 at the door!

    Class starts at 9am, doors open at 8:45.
    Bring something to take notes with - tape recorders okay!

    This is the same course I've taught in London for about $450 - but the Los Angeles class will be less than *half* that price! $200 for two full days - more information than you can write down... and 25% off if you register before October 25! There are only 150 seats available, and at $150 Early Bird Registration they will fill up fast!

    SCRIPT SECRETS is an INTENSIVE two day course - screenwriting stripped of the theoretical nonsense! We'll spend all day Saturday and Sunday learning techniques that will improve your dialogue, description, story and screenwriting abilities! Plus a section on selling your script and managing your screenwriting career! Class includes a 120 page workbook with exercises, assignments (homework), forms and additional materials.

    This course strips away all of the silly theories to focus on the bare essentials of screenwriting: finding the right idea, improving your story, structure, dialogue, description, visuals and characters. A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and that requires writing designed to involve the reader and audience. Using proven techniques I will guide you from idea to screenplay to polish to selling the script. Script Secrets is designed so that both beginners and professionals will come away with techniques they can use to improve their scripts.

    Save yourself the airfare of flying to London - take the class in LA!

    - Bill

    PS: Save $50 by signing up now! Only $150 - that's less than a quarter of what you'd pay for McKee (and what has he written?)

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    Sounds like a great deal. I'm also looking forward to your seminars during the Expo, dude. Lotsa Bill to go around.


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      I've heard Bill lecture. Bill smart.

      He's very analytical, and his analyses always ring true.

      He has a lot to teach. And so many of us have so much to learn.


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        I always try to use examples (usually from a couple of different movies) to SHOW what I'm talking about in action.

        I'm doing 4 classes at Expo - and if you want a sample of the big 2 day class, take one of the Expo 90 minute classes. I'm doing one of dialogue that will include all kinds of methods to improve your dialogue, one on visual storytelling that will have techniques to tell your story visually (and has film clips), and a couple of other subjects.

        Plot Twists & Suspense (Friday 10am), Dynamic Dialogue (Friday 5pm), Visual Storytelling (Saturday 3pm), You Have The Wrong Idea (Saturday 7pm).

        I always try to give you tools that you can take home and use - rather than theories.

        - Bill


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          hey bill,
          just a couple questions about your class. is there much hands on with our own scripts? can we rework a scene in class, that sort of thing? i wanted to go to the expo while i'm visiting my friend in la, i'm here for a month or until she kicks me out, but your class sounds good. my greatest fear right now is having someone like my pitch and ask for the script. don't think any are ready enough and don't want to get them out too soon. a class like this might be better than trying to sell something that's not ready.

          that was more than a couple. anyway, is this for beginners or more advanced stuff or both? i've had the beginning, think it's pretty ingrained, but need to learn to polish and fine tune.

          thanks, sounds like i might get into this.


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            Because it's only 2 days and the venue seats 150 people, it's not practical to use individual students' scripts. So basically - it's me talking for 2 days.

            There's a pretty good description of what I'll be talking about on my website - hundreds of techniques to improve different aspects of your script that you can take home and use. Most of the techniques are things that I use that I've never read in a book or heard in any other class.

            There's a 120 page workbook that has even more information, plus "homework" - some fun assignments that you can do to get the creative juices flowing (and learn at the same time). Many of the assignments can be applied to your script.

            If you go to the expo you can take one of my classes (I think they're 90 minutes long) and get an idea of what the 2 day version will be like.

            - Bill


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              This is the last week to get the Early Registration Discount!

              Two full days of information - only $150!

              Compare that to other two day screenwriting classes (usually around $300-$400) (or McKee - $600).

              - Bill


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                ok, I'm in.