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  • CS EXPO - "Write for a Star?"

    has anyone signed up for this? sounds really unpredictable - the "one page treatment" for a SHORT FILM -- and only at the event do you find out what "MAJOR ACTOR" you're writing for.

    my guess: Bud from Married with Children


    From Expo Catalog:
    That's right. By writing only a page, you can win a meeting with a major Hollywood actor. What if you were the writer who could supply a major actor with just the right story? During this 90-minute session you will learn which major actor you will be writing for and what exactly the actor is looking for. Your job is then to write a short treatment of one page for a short film (ten minutes or less). The writer of the best treatment will meet with the actor. You can discuss the treatment, pitch other ideas, offer other material of yours. If you and the actor decide to make a short film from your treatment (starring the actor), Sherwood Oaks will pay for the production of a short film, starring the actor. For more information, please read the ad on page ??? of this catalog. Presented by Sherwood Oaks Experimental College and Screenwriting Expo 2.

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    I'm planning to do it. I don't care who the "star" is. I think this is good practice for the real stuff.

    Good luck!


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      Write for a Star

      Just hope it's not Gary Coleman. :lol
      "What you talkin' 'bout?"


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        Re: Write for a Star

        Could be. After all, it is a short film.

        Bah-dump-bump. Thanks, folks, I'm here all week. Be sure to tip your servers.