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  • Screen Arts Time Warp

    Hi, all.
    Anybody else get the e-mail asking you to enter your script in the Screen Arts contest since the first deadline is February 15th, which is "just 10 days from now"?
    Just wondering whether my e-mail is funking out, or whether Screen Arts has mistakenly forgotten to update their form letters from last year.
    - RS

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    Freaked me out for a second. I admit time tends to slip away from me, but February already! :eek

    It's not you, Rachel.



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      Me too. Such a shame considering they had such a stellar rep before this!



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        I received the same thing and then an "oops" email right after that correcting the date to Sept 15.



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          Re: Screen Arts Contest

          Yes, I got the emails......both the original and corrected versions. I also received a phone call reminding me to submit by Sept. 15th.

          I have 3 questions...
          1) how did she(stacy) get my email and phone number?

          2)Did I unwittingly query to her under another company's name? Her email specifically refers to one of two screenplays currently making the rounds in LA...I did email her and ask this question...she answered "no", and said that probably my screenplay info was forwarded to her because it was good, but not the prodco's cup of tea...and they passed it on to her.

          3) Is this a good contest?

          Any answers to the above questions are appreciated.


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            I got a phone call

            I feel special. :\


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              Screen Arts Phone Call

              My suspicion is that she got our script info from somebody that we queried. If she denies it, and says that she contacted us because she knows our scripts were good, ask her for some feedback.
              Sorry, but like Lucky Charms, I'm "magically suspicious."
              - RS


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                Re: Screen Arts Phone Call

                I don't think this contest is worth your time. Stick with the ones that don't need to pester you with emails to get you to submit.


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                  Re: Screen Arts Phone Call

                  Very few contests don't send out reminder e-mails. I think it's a good thing because lives are hectic for so many people. I had a baby last year, missed a couple of big contests, and almost missed Nicholls.