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    Just signed up for the Expo, booked a room at the Figueroa and got some tickets on the cheapest flight I could possibly find. Assuming the plane doesn't go down, I'm gonna have a blast. I am fired up.

    It's so hard to choose which seminars to take. Hopefully, I made some good choices. For anyone still trying to decide, I highly recommend Advanced Structural Analysis with Richard Krevolin Friday at 10 am. I took it last year and loved it. We watched Stand By Me and he analyzed it and explained what was going on as we watched it. It's one thing to talk about structure (which many of them will be doing), but to show it to you in a popular movie... I thought it was a great addition to all the lectures on structure. You get a chance to apply what you've been learning right there. And he's kind of funny.

    For any who didn't go last year, I recommend going. You get a lot for your money, there's a lot of opportunities to learn something new, you get some great guest speakers and, if nothing else, you'll come home with renewed motivation. It's always fun to meet a lot of people with similar interests.

    Anyone going to the networking party on Saturday? I'll be there - unless my plane goes down, of course.

    Anyone competing in the writing contest? I signed up for that too. I didn't do it last year, so I'm not too sure what to expect. It should be fun though.

    Anyone take part in some seminars last year that they thought were great? Any you think we should avoid?

    Anyone looking forward to the Expo food?



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      Afraid of flying Squid? I wouldn't worry about it. Only 6 more weeks...


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        good news squid...

        if the plane DOES go down, you will still have a blast, and you will still be fired up:evil

        actually, you're scarin'the crap outta me...what's your flight#?


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          Re: expo

          I'm going. Flight and hotel are booked. Hubby and I are staying at the Marriott.

          Squid - I'll be praying for you plane -

          We should all have some sort of secret DD handshake or something! :lol


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            Re: expo

            We don't need a secret handshake. We'll be the ones starting heated debates about VO, "We see," structure and rules.

            Writeway, did you go last year? If not, you'll have a good time. I'm sure of it. If you're not planning on it already, you should listen to at least one of the guest speakers. I listened to Frank Darabont (Green Mile) and Bill Condon (Chicago) last year. It's very inspiring listening to the writers talk about their experiences and the industry in general. It makes me want to write.

            I'd steer clear of the pitch king Robert Kosberg. It's basically a pitch to use his service. He sells ideas. He'll get you money for your idea, but not a writing job. He makes it feel like it's impossible to break through and become a professional screenwriter. I know it's difficult, but I go to this thing to learn and come home feeling like I actually have a chance of making a career out of this. It's more about pitching ideas than your script.

            Others may have a different opinion of him (maybe you do). I left his seminar feeling like I have a much better chance at getting 5k for an idea than selling a script and becoming a writer (actually, that's probably true). But that's not what I go there for. I want to come home inspired to write, not sell ideas and turn them over to a "real" writer.

            What seminars did you sign up for?


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              Re: expo


              This is my first writing seminar (although I did take Jeff Schechter's TotallyWrite class - very good, by the way). I'm an East Coaster and finally convinced hubby to travel to LA.

              I'm like you. The reason I'm going is to be inspired to write more. I'm steering clear of the pitch workshops, but I do think I'll sign up for 1 or more of the actual pitch times.

              All in all, my problem is not getting read. My last round of queries had about a 90% request rate. Unfortunately, nobody bit - hence my focus on improving my writing

              I signed up for a ton of sessions - I think just about one at each offering. I want to go to the speakers, too, so I figure some of the sessions I won't make. At $4 a session, I decided to sign up for as much as I could. I'll make final choices once I get there.

              Did you sign up for the writing tourney? I did and I also signed up for the "write a page for an actor" thing. You?