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  • Terror Film Fest Screenplay

    Anyone else in the Terror Film Festival screenplay competition? I was originally told the announce would be on September 9th but now their website says "the week of September 9th". So sometime this week I guess.


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    Re: Terror Film Fest Screenplay

    Their website now says that semi-finalists will be announced today (9/13):


    (scroll to the bottom)


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      I made the semi-finals!

      The following screenplays have been selected as our 13 Official SEMI-FINALISTS. All award winners will be announced at the Claw Awards ceremony October 20 starting at 9 PM.

      Bloodletter, Written by Jennifer M. Oaks, Pennsylvania USA
      Dark Swarm, Written by Tim Pyle & KB Guzenski, California USA
      Howard's Cross, Written by Kelly Parks, California USA
      Lavender, Written by Michael Chiplock, Virginia USA
      My Immortal, Written by Lee Rudnicki, California USA

      Sentenced, Written by Colin Costello & Ken Nared, Illinois USA
      Sleep Tight, Written by Colin Costello, Illinois USA
      The Colour Out of Space, Written by Ken Lobb & Aaron Vanek, California USA
      The Hunt, Written by Marty Madden, California USA
      The Last Request, Written by Joe Randazzo, New York USA
      The Lost Disciple, Written by David J. Campfield, New York USA
      The Red Envelope, Written by David Sakmyster, New York USA
      Where The Dead Go, Written by Mark Kratter, California USA