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  • Expo's Networking Parties

    Hey all,

    at 25 dollars a pop, is it worth it or am I just going to be seeing other writers all night long?

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    Re: Expo's Networking Parties

    I'd like to know what happens at these as well. I purchased the Gold Pass which includes the Networking Parties. Would like to hear from anyone that has past experience with attending.


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      Re: Expo's Networking Parties

      networking parties are def filled with "other writers".

      drinks. some finger food.

      there are a few pro writers and producers hanging out. there are also some additional industry people, friends of the EXPO, etc.

      will you be slammin shots with William Goldman? no.

      will you run into pro writers / industry folks, 70% "no".

      if the weather is nice, moods are good, and it's by the pool again is it worth it? YES!

      and the tickets should be $15 each per the Expo Coordinators. double check with them if the price is listed as higher.
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        Re: Expo's Networking Parties

        ...but...I'll be there! And I'm a whole lotta fun!

        Julie Gray