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  • Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival Screenplay

    I've been told that the announcement date for the screenplay competition is September 26th. Anyone else in this one?

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    Re: Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival Screenplay

    Three more days.


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      Re: Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival Screenplay

      Semi finalists announced, including ME:

      2008 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival
      Semi-Finalists in alphabetical order by title

      Top 10 Finalists and Winners to be announce on Friday, October 10th

      The Big Blue Room written by Samuel Dulmage

      Blue Bloods written by Lucy Cruell

      Brave written by Paul Penley

      Burn written by Brian Kelly and Ian Murphy

      Child of the Sea written by Andrew Coffin

      Children of the Night written by Harry Basil

      Counseling the Devil written by Matthew Furman

      Experimental written by Kelly Parks

      Game Wars written by Chris Barber

      Lord of the Gun written by James Terry

      The Maestro written by Mary Ellen Michael

      Red Agenda written by William Prystauk

      Red Land written by Jason Hoss

      Sizzle written by Roger C Hull

      The Stunning Box written by David Bertoni

      Unity written by Eugene Langlais and Paul Langlais

      The Unnameables written by Eric Miller

      Vampire Stories written by Ralph Soll

      Warrior written by Matt Fitzsimmons

      Zombie Jihad written by Brian O'Hara

      Zombie Park written by Richard Keel