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  • PAGE award winners announced

    Looks like the finals were all I could muster. Dang. Still, it was cool to see my script go so far.

    Congratulations to all the winners!
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    Re: PAGE award winners announced

    congrats to any DDers who placed. I know BLUEMOOSE here pulled a bronze in the Drama category -- good going.

    if it wasn't for that 6.7 from the French judge, who knows?
    "you have to write right, right?" -- Todd Gordon


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      Re: PAGE award winners announced

      That's a new kind of disappointment I've experienced. Getting SO close...right up to the end...and then...nothing. OUCH. This is altogether a new sensation for me.

      But yes, to those who DID place...well done. *throws them a cookie*


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        Re: PAGE award winners announced

        Congratulations to those DDers who won!

        The red envelope flash movie was fun. I actually got nervous, felt the rush of disappointment as I didn't hear (see) my name! Just like the Oscars, I'm sure.
        Norman Bates
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