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  • Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

    2008 Movie Script Contest Feature Contest Announces Finalists

    Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to those who made the
    finals. Yet even making the semifinals is a significant achievement. This
    year has been notable in the increased quality of material submitted in
    all genre categories, making judging a more crucial and lengthier process
    than ever before. On behalf of Movie Script Contest, and the judges, I
    want to again, say thank you for entering and for providing us the
    opportunity to read your stories. It has been a rewarding experience to
    say the least.

    Jason Zimmatore
    Movie Script Contest Coordinator

    2008 Movie Script Contest Finalists:

    2008 Movie Script Contest DRAMA Finalists

    A House Divided - Joshua Howes
    A Well Adjusted Boy - Jason Latshaw
    Abilene - Michael Raymond
    Blood and Water - Samantha J. Stephenson
    Cross of the Savage - Joe Crouch
    Domestic Violence - Eric Little
    Every time I go to -
    Staten Island something
    bad happens - Irin Evers
    Falling into Place - Lily Mercer
    Garbo's Last Stand - Jon James Miller
    Hallowed Ground - Maurizio Marmorstein
    Lady Jazz - Jean Hunter
    Over the Fence - Tom Dudzick
    Passing Through - Robert Rhyne
    Sober Living - Heather Regnier
    The Ace of Aces - Geoffrey Breuder
    The Lighthouse - Janet Zibell
    The Line - Ben Krapf
    Wrocklage - Steve Daniels

    2008 Movie Script Contest COMEDY Finalists

    A Canoli for Nona - Bob Huffman
    Bald Knob - Roger Oliphant
    Bible Con - Ashley F. Miller
    Fireworks - Jonathan Hall
    Grief from Madame Butterfly Barry Leach
    Hat Trick - Robert Gately
    Hate Day - David Kempski
    Jack Hammer: Male Stewardess - Nick Scown
    Life Dudes - Adam Reed & Tim Upton
    Loving Scared - Garry McNulty
    The Has-Beens - Michael Raymond
    The Truckstop - Dan Pellar
    Truthies - Carlo DeCarlo
    Turning Annie - Bruce Stirling
    Us & Them - Kerry Finlayson
    Zombies Down Under Gavin Hicks & Mike Wormald

    2008 Movie Script Contest Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi Finalists

    Canaries - Craig Cambria
    Darkroom - Alex Cope
    Eclipse - Rob Brassfield
    In for a Penny - Laurelle Barnett
    Lights on the Lake - Jason Tucker
    Louisiana Blood - Mike Donald
    Open Heart - Emily Fonda
    Re-Entry - Michael Raymond
    Second Born - David Jagernauth
    Serpentine - Stephen Leach
    Something Tucked Away Jason Michael Ford
    Taku's Quest - Michael Pallotta
    The Erdos Murder Case George Varotsis
    The Gateway - W.A. Keaton
    The Saxon - Scott Grant
    Tooth Lake - Richard Topping
    Unity - The Brothers Langlais

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    Re: Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

    My friend is on this list. Comedy. He just told me.

    I don't know anything about this contest. How does it rank?

    Anyone know when winners are announced?

    At least he has something for his query letter...


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      Re: Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

      I recognize DD members The Brothers Langlais on there. Congrats, guys!

      Also, congrats to that Michael Raymond guy with a script in the finals in every damn category. Wow.
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        Re: Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

        looks like the contest has expanded quite a bit since last year--and now has winners for specific genres. I placed last year and was really impressed with how Jason Zimmatore handled the notifications, prizes, etc. The communication between him and the contestants was better than any other contest I've entered. The contest also gave feedback on each script last year, I think that was at an extra charge this time around.

        I would think it's not a super high ranking contest since it's pretty new, but all signs point to it gaining popularity and street cred.
        congrats to all the finalists!
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          Re: Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

          Anyone hear on the results yet?


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            Re: Movie Script Contest announces 2008 Finalists

            When is the next round announced? 2009?