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    Re: Zoetrope Contest Announcement Looming

    Originally posted by LateNightWriter View Post
    Has anyone ever received any traction from this contest? I ask because I placed in the semifinals four years in a row and never received one request for a read. The placements also didn't seem to help when referenced in queries, as Zoetrope isn't a well-known contest in Hollywood. Another writer I know had two scripts make the finals and experienced the same response (or lack of it).

    It's a nice validation and pat on the back, especially with the involvement of Francis Ford Coppola -- don't get me wrong -- and I heartily congratulate all who advance. But I wonder if this contest is really out there promoting the placing screenplays?

    In contrast, my Nicholl semifinalist script got 34 read requests this past year.

    I'd love to hear Zoetrope success stories from the winners and finalists other than the same tired ones they post on the website.

    Late Night Writer
    hmm so far it sounds like the screenwriting expo. placed in top 10 but so far no requests. granted, the packages are being sent out second week of this month (finally, after a wait since nov) but if it had more cache, i think youd get them tracking the results, no?

    and for some reason, my scripts can never get traction at zoetrope no matter how well they do at other contests. cant even get a qf placing. i wonder if its a different type of reader over there or something.


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      Re: Zoetrope Contest Announcement Looming

      that's why I asked... i heard the same thing from a finalist... never received a response from any of the companies on their list, and never received 1 additional request...